About our website

About us

Numerous corporations create and actively promote new products around the world. HolidayFrance understands how difficult it is for the average consumer to make a choice. The HolidayFrance website contains honest information to help potential buyers choose the best option for themselves. The creators regularly publish fresh reviews of the most popular products.
HolidayFrance.com gives users open access to detailed reviews. The list of products is varied. The site regularly publishes product reviews of the following categories:

  • drugs;
  • slimming products;
  • hair care products;
  • skin care cosmetics;

The base of companies is constantly expanding. The list of products is growing. The purpose of HolidayFrance is to give an objective assessment of products of different categories and help the user make a choice in favor of quality products. Any user has the opportunity to share their feedback on the product and publish their observations on the site. Reviews are carefully checked by moderators before publication. The company does not tolerate defamation or deliberate lies. We carefully monitor the order on the resource and do not allow cheating ratings for a particular product.


HolidayFrance values ​​its reputation and helps users find the best products. The company has established itself in the market. Our partners are corporations known throughout the world, online stores and medical institutions. The main principles of HolidayFrance:

  • honesty;
  • trust;
  • responsibility;
  • objectivity.

In the event of a dispute, HolidayFrance always meets the needs of users. Official representatives of the company guarantee that any problem will be solved as soon as possible. The management cares about the convenience of people and strives to improve the service. Users have the opportunity not only to read the latest reviews, but also to share their own opinions. The company values ​​everyones opinion. Any feedback is a contribution to the development of the site.
The company cares about the privacy of all visitors and does not transfer personal information to third parties. User data is under strict protection.


What is the main mission of the company? The HolidayFrance service was created with a clear goal: to help ordinary users choose the best quality product or service. Unfortunately, not all existing companies are working in good faith. People have to deal with frankly false reviews on the Internet.
In the age of advanced technology, the first thing ordinary people pay attention to when choosing a particular product is the reviews of other buyers. Some organizations, in an attempt to achieve high sales, “wind up” positive reviews for their products. Users are guided by positive information and, without knowing it, they purchase low-quality products.
Unfortunately, no one is immune to scams online. The HolidayFrance resource gives people only verified information and protects people from unnecessary expenses. Here users share their personal experience, which is confirmed with the help of photos and videos. Here you can easily find information such as:

  • product properties;
  • indications for use;
  • contraindications;
  • dignity;
  • reviews;
  • price;
  • analogues of the product.