September 24, 2021
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Agromax What is it? Overview

Agromax is a completely organic fertilizer that promotes the enhanced growth of all horticultural crops. The product is used to increase the yield and normalize the germination of tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, other vegetables, fruits, flowers. It provides accelerated germination of seeds, fights infectious diseases, makes the fruits more juicy, high-quality and large.

How to use?

AgroMax specialized concentrate can be used to fertilize plants in any conditions, regardless of the season. There are several rules for using biofertilizers:
The inner contents of the sachet must be mixed with water in the proportions - 1 sachet per 10 or 20 liters of water. The solution should be infused for five to ten minutes;
For watering it is necessary to use iron or plastic watering cans, buckets. Watering itself necessarily takes place around the plants;
Spray the solution onto flowers and leaves with a sprayer.
It is important that the product is completely safe to use. It will slow down the growth of weeds and help repel harmful insects.

How does the drug work?

Effective bio-fertilizer AgroMax acts in several directions at once:

  • accelerates plant growth and development;
  • increasing soil fertility;
  • saturation of crops with useful microelements and substances;
  • improves the absorption of vitamins by plants;
  • increases the protective properties of plants;
  • protects against pests and infectious diseases;
  • improves seed germination;
  • prevents the growth of weeds in the garden and vegetable garden;
  • acceleration of flowering and fruiting;
  • prevents shedding and other plant problems;
  • the taste and size of the fruit is much better;
  • increasing yields.

Agromax is a high-quality biofertilizer that will help you get a large harvest from your garden or garden. It is safe to use and effective.

What does the drug consist of?

The secret of the effectiveness of Agromax biofertilizer lies precisely in its composition. The main active components here are:

  • vermicompost - horse manure feeds the soil with carbon dioxide, improves the saturation of leaves and plant roots with useful components;
  • phosphorus - serves as the main source of energy for plant growth. It is this substance that improves seed germination, accelerates flowering and fruiting;
  • calcium - gives plants a strong and healthy immunity;
  • magnesium - promotes the assimilation of valuable components and vitamins by cultures;
  • nitrogen - strengthens the walls of plants, provides a bright taste of the fruit;
  • Azobacteria - restores soil fertility

Doctor's review

As an agronomist, I mean Agromax is a magic wand for harvesting. The supplement does not contain GMOs and chemicals, contains only beneficial trace elements. Together, these components affect plant growth and productivity: fruit plants and flowers acquire a new look, beauty, and even at the beginning of summer, the fruits are juicier and tastier. The advantage of this fertilizer is its ease of use. The experience of many agronomists shows that Agromax uses products with a high concentration of important elements. Another important feature is product development even for the most unacceptable climatic conditions. Now the harvest does not depend on the weather!

Indications for use

Agromax is a biofertilizer for all crops and plants. Extremely effective early in production. Recommended for poorly cultivated crops that lose their plant appearance. It has been proven that organic manure and peat are widely used to increase the rapid growth and fertility of crops. For example, 75 kg of vermicompost is needed per hundred square meters. Obviously, this requires money. The Agromax fertilizer contains many useful and irreplaceable substances, in particular nitrogen bacteria.


There are no contraindications for use. The additives are completely environmentally friendly and safe.

Customer Reviews

"Good day! I don't trust the products on the internet, but decided to order Agromax to give it a try. The fear that it would not work accompanied me almost every time I worked with a product. To be honest, the results surprised me. Everything began to grow twice as fast: it blooms profusely and the fruits are tastier. I will use it next season."

"I am not very good at home gardening, but the results surprised me. I used agricultural fertilizers. Fruit and vegetables were harvested throughout the summer. Sell ​​something and something for yourself. Customers really like it, everything is so juicy and tasty. Everybody goes and buys from us!"

"A friend suggested using this fertilizer, and they say it will suddenly bring success. You know, it worked! Now we saw how beautiful it is in our backyard. How many crops ... most of all were brought to the market, because there was nowhere to go. The case when the price matches the quality. Buy without hesitation !!"

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