March 3, 2021
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Alkotox What is it? Overview

Alkotox is a universal remedy for eliminating alcohol dependence, providing a therapeutic effect regardless of the patient’s gender and age. In terms of its effectiveness, it surpasses many similar preparations, since it contains only natural ingredients. A medicinal drug is produced in liquid form.
Alcohol addiction is a serious illness that affects most people to one degree or another. It affects not only the dependent person themselves, but also his relatives, friends, relatives and children. This disease has been fought at all times, but no particular success has been achieved over the past centuries.

How to use?

"Alkotox" is marketed as a separate dose of about 5 ml, which is mixed with 100 ml of pure water before use. The medicine should be taken only once a day (preferably before lunch).
It does not have a pronounced odor, color and taste. These features of the drug allow for treatment without the knowledge of the patient. Caring relatives usually present the result of the cure as their own success.

How does the drug work?

The therapeutic effect of the drug is manifested as follows:

  • after the systematic intake of this remedy, intolerance to alcohol is formed at the somatic and psychological level;
  • a steady rejection of all types of alcoholic beverages appears at the same time;
  • unpleasant manifestations for the patient's body associated with alcohol withdrawal syndrome are also stopped;
  • over time, his internal organs heal, which is due to the gradual elimination of toxins.

In a patient taking this medicine, metabolic processes are restored. At the same time, the nervous disorders characteristic of alcoholics gradually fade away.

What does the drug consist of?

The proposed preparation is based on extracts of the following herbs and plants:

  • Pueraria lobular, which guarantees getting rid of the hangover syndrome and increasing the tone of the body;
  • European clefthoof, forming a persistent aversion to alcohol at the level of reflexes;
  • dung mushroom, which ensures alcohol refusal at the somatic level up to vomiting;
  • puppeteer (another name is hellebore), which normalizes blood pressure and causes aversion to the smell of alcohol.

In addition, it contains succinic and ascorbic acid, which accelerates tissue regeneration, as well as zinc, magnesium, glycine and cysteine, which contribute to the recovery of the body.

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