September 16, 2021
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Artrofast What is it? Overview

Artrofast is an effective remedy that helps eliminate arthritis, osteochondrosis, arthrosis, gout and bursitis, as well as restore joints after injuries. The product looks like a cream, it is made from natural raw materials, which are known for good tolerance and healing effect on cartilage. The drug is effective even when pharmacy medicines, physiotherapy and massage did not help. The product has a certificate, since it has passed the necessary examinations and has proven useful. The tool can be used equally successfully by men and women. The drug improves the condition of the cartilage in 1 course.

How to use?

Artrofast cream must be applied strictly according to the instructions, it supplements each package with the drug. Apply the healing consistency to clean skin over the problematic joint. Rub the therapeutic mass until it is absorbed. The drug does not need to be washed off. Repeat the application of the product 2 times a day. The duration of the course is 1 month.

How does the drug work?

The Artrofast drug relieves inflammation, has an antibacterial effect; eliminates swelling of the tissues surrounding the joints. Already from the first minutes after absorption into the epithelium, pain is eliminated. The tool suppresses the vital activity of pathogenic microflora located inside the cartilaginous joints. Cleans joints from salts, strengthens, prevents destruction. Forms a protective film on the cartilage, increases mobility.

What does the drug consist of?

Artrofast joint cream is made on the basis of resin extract, bee products, a complex of amino acids, olive oil. The combination of these components provides a high therapeutic effect. It is expressed simultaneously in several actions:

  • Pain syndrome is quickly eliminated.
  • In the area of ​​the inflamed joint, the body temperature is normalized.
  • The production of new cartilage cells is increased.
  • Blood circulation in the problem segment improves.
  • The damaged parts of the articular joints are regenerated.
  • Increases the production of synovial fluid.

The Artrofast tool performs the function of pharmaceutical medicines: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent, chondroprotector, hormonal substance, antibiotic. Using a cream with a natural composition, you do not have to use all these medicines. This tactic prevents drug overload in the body.

Doctor's review

I increasingly prescribe Artrofast to my patients to treat common joint diseases. Many of those who came to see me for a long time do not treat the disease, using only remedies that relieve symptoms. But such measures have only a short-term effect. Artrofast ointment allows you to permanently get rid of joint problems, I say this on the basis of my experience and numerous reviews of my patients, for whom the remedy has helped to significantly improve their condition or completely cure the disease.

Indications for use

Artrofast ointment is intended for use with any joint problems - arthritis, arthrosis, gout, osteoporosis, various injuries, stiffness in the joints. The indications for the use of a remedy for the treatment of joints are the following conditions:
  • pain;
  • puffiness;
  • stiffness;
  • redness of the skin around the joint.


The composition of Artrofast ointment contains only natural substances, so the only restriction to use is individual intolerance to the components.

Customer Reviews

"I would like to recommend Artrofast ointment to anyone who has joint problems. This remedy helped me to cure arthrosis when other drugs did not cope. The knee pain has completely disappeared."

"I would like to share my personal experience of using Artrofast. My wife bought it for me when the joints began to hurt unbearably. The moment came when I could hardly get out of bed and did not go to work for a long time due to constant sick leave. Pharmacy medicines did not bring much results. But this ointment made me a healthy person! From my own experience, I was convinced that if you regularly use Artrofast, then the damaged tissues are quickly restored, and the joints are strengthened. The drug is intended primarily for the treatment of arthritis, but it also copes well with other problems - muscle pain, sports injuries, etc. The composition includes components that penetrate into the deep layers of the skin to eliminate painful sensations from the source of their occurrence. Thanks to this, relief comes almost immediately after application. Today I continue to use the ointment, and the result is very pleasing to me."

"I really liked the ointment! For many years I have been playing sports, during this time my joints have become so worn out that sometimes my knees hurt just unbearably. The trainer recommended that I buy Artrofast. The action of this remedy pleased me, therefore I am ready to recommend it to everyone."

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