September 24, 2021
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BunionFix What is it? Overview

BunionFix is a foot brace that allows you to relieve hallux valgus. In simple words, from the formed bumps around the big toe.

How to use?

The most important thing when using a tire is to strictly follow the instructions from the manufacturer, which must be present in the box with the BunionFix. The original set (not a fake) contains instructions only in German. But the pictures will help you figure out how to use BunionFix correctly.
As soon as you got the device out of the box, you should unfasten the retaining straps. Put the splint and bandage on your leg correctly. The Velcro must be fastened so that the retainer fits snugly to the foot and does not dangle. To maintain an even distribution of the load on the foot, you need to insert the drop-shaped pad, which is included in the kit.

How does the drug work?

BunionFix starts to work actively after about 1 month of continuous wear. The pain and discomfort will gradually go away, the lump will straighten. With the help of BunionFix, a person completely gets rid of fatigue in the legs and can continue to wear any footwear.
An important advantage of the device is its decent price. It is available to almost anyone. When buying, you should pay attention to the package bundle, so as not to get caught by scammers. The BunionFix kit includes a box, instructions (not in Russian), the original product is made of a soft milky color, there are quality certificates.

What does the drug consist of?

BunionFix is ​​made of plastic material and fabric clips. The hinge, which keeps the leg moving, is located at the base of the big toe. The unit is fixed on the leg in two places: on the big toe and on the foot with specially stitched fabric bandages using Velcro.
The BunionFix tire solves many problems with its uncomplicated design. The tire is quite easy to use. The BunionFix action can be roughly divided into three stages. The shape of the splint expands the tissues and muscles of the leg, increases flexibility and elasticity. The curvature is corrected with the help of the thumb pad, which pulls it in the desired position. The splint corrector systematically distributes the load over all surfaces of the foot. With its help, a person does not feel fatigue from wearing the device and discomfort. With active wearing of the BunionFix, the deformity disappears and the health of the leg is maintained at the correct level.

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