September 26, 2021
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Crypto Revolt What is it? Overview

Crypto Revolt is a cryptocurrency trading platform. The program provides a special robot assistant programmed to help new users, multiply funds and discover new technologies for profitable transactions.
Artificial Intelligence works independently, allowing the user to check their income in the app.
Anyone can use Crypto Revolt, regardless of their knowledge and experience in virtual trading.

How to use the service?

Free registration is required to open a new account. Fill in your personal and contact information and confirm your postal and telephone number.
After opening your personal account, you can familiarize yourself with the demo version. When the user is ready to actually trade, they must make a deposit of at least $ 250 and set trading limits.
You can turn on the Assistant Robot in the app settings.

Service functionality. How does it work?

A smart assistant will help you understand the rules and the trading system. The user learns to analyze the dynamics of the market and calculate the increase or decrease.
In the automation process, the bot completes transactions controlled by the broker and then transfers funds to the user's account.
Basic broker leverage with a ratio of 1: 1000 Due to the loan ratio, a trader can have a ratio of over a thousand. It should be remembered that the loss of leverage leads to large losses.

Crypto Revolt Is this true or false?

The product is developed by a professional cryptocurrency dealer. The practicality and accuracy of the system has been demonstrated by testing many controls and boats on the platform with a ratio of more than 95%.
Advanced software technologies keep pace with the global market and peak growth before or after a recession.
Brokers only use safe and trustworthy companies that trade robots on their own.
The application has a demo account that allows you to get acquainted with the application and test yourself in virtual trading.

Crypto Revolt How to register?

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