September 26, 2021
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E-ENERGY What is it? Overview

E-Energy is the only energy efficient device that can reduce lighting costs by up to 50%. It is a socket that controls the line voltage, which reduces electromagnetic radiation and prolongs the life of household appliances.

How to use?

The device has a number of advantages:

  • Low price. The cost of E-Energy is sometimes lower than that of other similar analogues. Fully pays off after 1-2 months of use.
  • Big savings. Other developments can reduce electricity consumption by no more than 15%. In contrast, E-Energy saves 20%.
  • Ease of operation. You do not need to read the instructions for a long time, set up the device, operate using a remote control or a smartphone. E-Energy starts working immediately after connecting to the network.
  • Not subject to power surges, rarely needs replacement and repair.
  • Longevity. The service life is not limited and depends only on the conditions of use.

How does the drug work?

Unstable power grid at home. When current is applied to equipment, voltage surges periodically occur. Household appliances consume electricity and standby. Thus, a computer connected to an electrical outlet, a TV, a humidifier will still waste energy. Devices in this way can consume up to 100 kW of excess electricity per month.
It is against these problems that E-Energy works. The device blocks standby current consumption and prevents power surges. Thanks to this, the efficiency of electricity is significantly increased, and its "idle" consumption is reduced.

What does the drug consist of?

The device is connected to a standard power source with 220V indicators. If the apartment uses a different network, E-Energy is simply connected via an adapter.
The socket can supply equipment with a total power of 5 to 19 kW, depending on the installation conditions. For comparison, in apartments in new buildings the maximum power is 15 kW. In private houses where electric heating and boiler water tanks are used, plus the correct power of 18 kW.
Thus, an E-Energy outlet will be sufficient to provide an economical solution for energy consumption throughout the home. Through a splitter, this device can simultaneously work:

  • refrigerator;
  • TV (0.4 kW);
  • electric stove (6 kw);
  • computer (0.4 kW);
  • lighting throughout the house (1 kW);
  • vacuum cleaner and air conditioner (2 kW).

Doctor's review

I have been working with an electrician for over 10 years, but this product shocked me: it really works. Of course, after a couple of days you won't notice the difference, but after a couple of months the result will become more noticeable. Despite its neat appearance, it does its job perfectly: it normalizes the functionality of the power grid, is convenient to use both at home and in the office, and significantly reduces electricity consumption. Statistics say that the use of this product allows you to save the cost of paying for services almost twice! In addition, it is completely legal, there is no fact of theft of electricity or deception. Therefore, during the check, there is no need to hide the device from the service, since it only processes a reactive current source, allowing its correct use. Another advantage is the ease of installation: anyone can do it without calling the wizard for help.

Indications for use

E-Energy is an innovative tool that can significantly reduce the consumption of electricity indoors, without deceiving the state. The purchase of this product is recommended for those who would like to reduce electricity consumption, protect the network from surges, without using various shenanigans and frauds, that is, legally. E-Energy electronics are aimed at saving electricity by controlling a reactive source, so its system does not violate the laws.


The product is able to extend the life of home appliances due to its introduction into the network, significantly reduce the impact of electromagnetic radiation from devices, avoid damage to conductive lines during thunderstorms and lightning Due to the fact that the device is made of non-toxic plastic, it is completely safe to use. No contraindications were found.

Customer Reviews

"I bought an E-Energy energy saver for my home. As for me, this is one of the wonders of modern development. I really liked its design: a simple, aesthetic device, small in size, which will not disturb the interior of the room. At first I did not see the effect of using it, but after a certain time the difference became clear. It would seem that miracles do not happen ..."

"I don't know much about electrics, but E-Energy didn't make me tense. This device combines only the best qualities: low price, ease of use and safety!"

"I trusted the rumors and bought the E-Energy energy saver. I'm pretty skeptical about such things, but I decided to try it. What a surprise it was when using the device reduced my electricity bill by 50%! It really works!"

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