September 24, 2021
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Electricity saving box

Electricity saving box What is it? Overview

The Electricity saving box is a device for saving electrical energy with an efficiency of at least 15%. It helps save energy, prevents electrical wiring from overheating, prolongs the life of electrical appliances and prevents them from breaking, and also reduces harmful electromagnetic radiation. The product is certified, the effectiveness of the Electricity saving box is confirmed by numerous laboratory tests and scientifically explained.

How to use?

Electricity saving box is easy to use. No professional skills are required to install the device.
The package contains a manual for use, which describes in detail the functional properties and characteristics of the product, the rules for safe and effective use.
To save energy, it is enough to simply plug the Electricity saving box into the Euro socket, which is located at the shortest possible distance from the electricity meter, to make sure that the indicator lights are working properly.
After disconnecting electrical devices from the mains, for better safety, you must immediately remove the Electricity saving box from the outlet.
The maximum power consumption of electrical energy by the device is 15 kW.
If used correctly, the device does not harm the electrical wiring and significantly reduces the number of kilowatts used.

How does the drug work?

The Electricity saving box does not allow an increase in the consumption of electrical energy, despite the use of a large number of electrical appliances. The device protects the network from high voltage and lightning discharges, prevents short circuits in the wiring. Thanks to the peculiarities of the Electricity saving box, it is possible to significantly save on paying bills for housing and communal services.

What does the drug consist of?

The electricity saving box looks like a small battery made of durable plastic and powered by the mains. The weight of the product is only 220 grams. Due to the minimalistic design, the product harmoniously fits into any interior, and does not fall on the eyes of guests. There are indicator lamps on the front panel of the case. The Electricity saving box is designed with a connector for a Euro socket, which greatly simplifies the use of the device that saves electrical energy.

Customer Reviews

"I was always disappointed when I got electricity receipts. And at home there are many electrical appliances, because it is impossible to live, for example, without a refrigerator or washing machine. So when a friend told me that he had bought equipment for the house to save energy, I was very interested. It turned out that the Electricity Saving Box device works on the principle of converting reactive power into active power. In simple words, it converts unused energy, which is lost in the network and goes to overheat devices or creates an electromagnetic field, into useful energy - thereby, less electricity is consumed. I got such a device for myself. The main thing during installation is to pay attention that there are no uninterruptible devices that absorb reactive energy on the way of the devices operation, otherwise it will simply have nothing to convert and it will not be possible to save."

"We have a lot of equipment in our office and, accordingly, electricity consumption is also considerable. Recently, a new chief engineer has got a job with us, and when he suggested installing an Electricity Saving Box to save electricity consumption, we did not even believe that this would somehow reduce our costs. It is difficult for the female team to explain how this technological device works, but it turned out to be simple - it converts the energy already received, which passed through the meter into active power, all our electrical appliances work from it. The advantages of such a device for saving energy are obvious: it is inexpensive, easy to install and does not need to be controlled - it works automatically, helps to save electricity and extends the life of household appliances, eliminating unnecessary loads on equipment."

"My family and I go to the dacha every weekend. And of course, you get double costs for electricity: electrical appliances work both in the apartment and in a private house, when refrigerators, air conditioners, and a washing machine are working. I have heard for a long time that it is possible to install a device that will help reduce energy consumption. I looked for information on the Internet and realized that this is not only beneficial, but also useful for the electrical network and devices: the load is reduced on the equipment and less useless power accumulates in the network. The choice was made in favor of the Electricity Saving Box, it is easy to use - it is simply installed into an outlet, has fire safety, so it is not scary to leave it unattended and helps to reduce energy consumption, which is very important for the family budget."

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