April 20, 2021
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EleverLash What is it? Overview

EleverLash is an active serum for the growth of healthy and beautiful eyelashes. Specialists from all over the world in the field of cosmetology and cosmetics recommend this drug. The composition of the product is natural and does not cause allergic reactions. EleverLash is a universal solution for those who want to have beautiful, well-groomed, long eyelashes. The nourishing oils in the composition improve the structure of the eyelashes and have a protective and nourishing effect on the skin around the eyes.
Different products are used to strengthen and grow eyelashes, but natural balms such as EleverLash are best suited because the skin around the eyes is delicate and thin. It is important not to damage the structure of the eyelashes and the surface of the skin, therefore, you need to pay attention to the composition of balms and creams for the care of eyelashes. EleverLash will return them to their natural state and make them look more expressive. The active serum formula is rich in minerals and nourishing oils.

How to use?

EleverLash should be applied daily, in the evening, on the upper eyelid, just above the eyelash growth zone. The product is completely invisible and does not irritate the skin, therefore it will not cause discomfort when applied. With regular application, the first visible effect will be noticeable after two weeks of use.
Serum application steps:

  1. Cleanse face and lashes with makeup remover.
  2. Apply EleverLash Serum to the upper eyelid with the included brush. It is not necessary to apply the product to the lower eyelid as it can get on the mucous membrane of the eyes.
  3. Give time for the balm to be absorbed into the skin of the upper eyelid. You do not need to rinse and wipe off the product. Due to its composition, the serum is absorbed without leaving any residue.You can apply makeup on your eyelids in the morning.

How does the drug work?

EleverLash serum is completely absorbed into the skin of the upper eyelid, in the area of ​​eyelash growth. The active components of the serum act on the roots of the eyelashes, enveloping them, nourishing and protecting them from harmful effects. The nutrients make the lashes firmer, thicker and longer. The skin around the eyes is also saturated with vitamins, becomes elastic and velvety.
EleverLash can be used without a doctors prescription as it is not a drug. The balm is recommended for people with weakened eyelashes. The serum is effective even when used after permanent makeup and eyelash extensions. The price of the product is available to any layman. You can order it on the manufacturers website.

What does the drug consist of?

The unique properties of the EleverLash eyelash growth and strengthening serum are due to its unrivaled composition. All components that make up the product are tested in laboratory conditions using the latest equipment. The active composition has passed all stages of testing for safety and hypoallergenicity. Dermatological and ophthalmological control has shown that EleverLash is absolutely safe to use.
The composition of EleverLash is represented by high quality components:

  • Glycerin
  • Allantoin
  • Panthenol
  • Biotinoyl tripeptide
  • Tocopherol
  • Ascorbic and Citric Acid
  • PEG-8

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