September 22, 2020
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Erogan What is it? Overview

Erogan is a drug that enhances sex drive and improves erection. The tool helps to increase the duration of sexual intercourse, has a complex effect on the body. Erogan is available in capsule and drop form.

How to use?

It is recommended to take one Erogan capsule twice a day (morning and evening, with meals). The product is washed down with a sufficient amount of liquid (juice, tea or water). When choosing another dosage form of the drug, take 30 drops of the solution three times a day.
The course method is recommended. The duration of the therapeutic course is determined on an individual basis.

How does the drug work?

When taking the drug, the blood supply to the pelvic organs improves. This has a beneficial effect on the sexual health of the stronger sex. When using Erogan capsules or drops, self-confidence increases, and overall well-being improves. The drug is not addictive. The tool helps to eliminate anxiety and irritability.
It is recommended to refuse taking the drug Erogan in case of individual intolerance. The drug is taken with caution in case of increased nervous excitability, insomnia, arterial hypertension. Young people under the age of eighteen should refrain from using the drug.

What does the drug consist of?

The composition of the drug contains the following components:

  • dry extract of pine bark, distinguished by bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects. This component of the product helps to improve potency;
  • ginseng extract. The plant is distinguished by its pronounced tonic properties. Under the influence of ginseng extract, sexual endurance increases, problems with potency in men are eliminated;
  • L-arginine, which helps to improve sperm quality, strengthen immunity.
  • The preparation contains a concentrated extract of muira puama. This plant is considered to be a "natural antidepressant". Due to the inclusion of muira puama in the preparation, the remedy relieves the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Note! The muira puama plant contains a fairly large amount of resins, essential oils, bitterness and phytosterols. This component of the Erogan preparation is used not only in the presence of problems with potency. The medicinal plant is also effective for certain diseases of the digestive and nervous systems.

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