April 23, 2021
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Exodermin What is it? Overview

Exodermin is a cream that aims to combat existing mycosis of the feet and nails, and to prevent its reappearance.

How to use?

Apply cream to damaged skin and nails. It must be absorbed immediately, starting its action at the level of cellular tissues. This is where the final eradication of the fungal infection and the creation of a cover against the recurrence of the problem should begin.

How does the drug work?

  • Exodermin Cream should relieve itching and flaking of the skin after the first use,
  • Its use should also reduce foot perspiration and odor,
  • Additionally, the action of the cream should completely renew the nail plate,
  • Cracks in the interdigital folds should begin to heal after applying the cream, this should also touch the skin on the heels,

Another advantage is that after using Exodermin, local immunity must develop against subsequent and recurring fungal infections.
The first benefits should appear after the first application of the cream. After about 14 days of regular use, any cracks in the skin and heels should heal, and within 1–3 months, immunity to fungal infections should develop.
The natural ingredients contained in the cream have a fungicidal effect and create an antifungal immunity that protects our feet from re-infection with mycosis.

What does the drug consist of?

The Exodermin ingredients are as follows:

  • Orange yolk juice + kukui oil - should have a disinfecting effect, destroying the structure of fungal infections. They should also eliminate itching and discomfort, while accelerating the healing of wounds and cracks;
  • Chrysanthemum extract + lapacho extract - should prevent the reproduction and development of pathogenic microflora. They should also nourish and moisturize our skin, reducing excessive sweating and eliminating unpleasant odors;
  • Hemp seed oil + tea tree oil - should form a protective layer on the legs and feet, preventing the growth of bacteria. They also need to strengthen the nail plate.
  • Cordyceps + Betulin - should normalize the immune system, helping to treat even chronic fungal diseases. They should also improve the overall condition of the skin on the legs.

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