September 24, 2021
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Expansil Cream What is it? Overview

Expansil Cream is a moisturizing cream for the skin.
A large number of people experience dry skin. This is due to the fact that a person does not always receive additional minerals or vitamins. In this regard, a high-quality metabolism does not fully occur. In this case, you need to change your lifestyle, as well as eat the right food, lead a healthy lifestyle. However, not all people have this opportunity. The financial component can interfere, as well as an inconvenient work schedule and many other factors. Regarding the skin, it is necessary to contact experienced cosmetologists or doctors who understand the essence of the issue.
Judging by the reviews of many friends and acquaintances, Expansil Cream was recommended to them, which is much more effective than other moisturizers.

How to use?

First, the skin is cleared of sweat and dirt, then a cream is worn on it, which, as a rule, is taken in small quantities. Next, you need to massage until the skin begins to absorb.
There is no standard course of use, but still, before use, you must study the instructions.

How does the drug work?

With the help of the cream, the skin is saturated with moisture, as well as giving it elasticity, as well as eliminating fine mimic wrinkles and smoothing deep ones.
With Expansil Cream, the ability of fibroblasts is restored, which carry out active synthesis, as well as proliferation in areas of skin tissue. Further, the main components enter into activity: hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, and the vascular network is also optimized.
Among the positive aspects, it should be noted that the cream penetrates to the depth of the epidermis. In this connection, the skin gains firmness, moisture, elasticity.
To the main advantages can be added huge demand, better quality, reasonable price. A large percentage of modern cosmetologists focus on Expansil Cream.

What does the drug consist of?

As a rule, it contains natural elements. Among them it is necessary to designate:

  • castor oil;
  • skein milk;
  • lily extracts;
  • Tocopherol.

In addition to the above, it contains extracts of rose hips and aquatic plants.

Doctor's review

“Expansil Cream is an effective remedy that is not addictive and quickly enough leads to a full restoration of potency. The stimulant can be used as a course, as well as additionally - immediately before intimacy, to improve its quality. The drug has stimulating, antiseptic, moisturizing properties. The product is characterized by absolute safety for health, since it does not contain synthetic impurities and is made only of useful substances. All the patients to whom I prescribed this stimulant showed only positive results. "

Indications for use

Expansil Cream is prescribed to improve potency, which is weakened due to hormonal disruptions, sexually transmitted infections; dryness of the genitals, causing discomfort during intimacy. The product is designed for home use. The cream is prescribed when the systemic use of drugs has not provided the desired effectiveness or is contraindicated for health reasons. The drug is suitable for use in gerontological practice - for use in old age.


The tool should not be used in case of an allergic reaction to the components of the cream. The drug is contraindicated to use if there are rashes of unknown origin in the groin area. Men who have autoimmune, severe inflammatory or tumor processes, as well as diabetes mellitus, should consult a specialist before using a potency stimulant.

Customer Reviews

"“I used the remedy for 1 month - according to the scheme and additionally, before intimacy. I liked the drug, because it was the only one that helped me to establish potency and not feel discomfort in front of my girlfriend. Now I'm ready to recommend this remedy to other guys. ""

"“I was looking for the right option for myself for a long time, but compared to Expansil Cream, the rest of the preparations were losing. The remedy increased my potency in just 1 course, it lasted no more than 30 days. I didn't even need to use other drugs from the number of medications - the cream helped on its own. ""

"“When men's health declined, I turned to a doctor for recommendations, and he prescribed this option. The drug was applied according to the instructions. Now everything is fine in my intimacy, although before even an erection was difficult to maintain until the end of sexual intercourse. I think this is a good cream. ""

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