May 15, 2021
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Fish XXL What is it? Overview

Fish XXL is a fish bite activator made in the form of a spray. A similar tool is equally suitable for all types of inhabitants of the reservoir. This spray can be sprayed onto the bait before casting the rod.
The number of sprays directly depends on the type of fish that the fisherman plans to catch. A similar activator was created for fishing in cool waters. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to use the product in any conditions. At the same time, the season, weather conditions do not affect the efficiency of work.

How to use?

If it comes to catching a predator, then you need to take the bait, remove the cap from the can, spray 5-8 times, taking into account the activity of the predator. After catching each fish, the described procedure is repeated. If this is neglected, efficiency will decrease.
If you want to fish peaceful fish, then a prerequisite is the use of bait. It is not necessary to add an attractant to it. But the processing of the bait must be done. In such a situation, it is required to put it on a hook, remove the cap from the can, sprinkle it 2–4 times.
It must be understood that the amount of spray that needs to be transferred to the bait directly depends on the amount of fish activity. Processing is repeated after the capture of every 2–3 individuals.

How does the drug work?

When spray activator gets on the mucous membrane of fish, it naturally irritates it, stimulating the sense of smell. In this case, substances characterized by a strong odor act on receptors that transmit impulses to the brain of an inhabitant of the reservoir.
As a result, the fish swims towards the bait and grabs food, even if it is full. Under the influence of the drug, inactive inhabitants of lakes and rivers become mobile in cold water.

What does the drug consist of?

The effectiveness of the bait is ensured by a specialized composition. It includes the following components during manufacture:

  • Hemp oil that attracts thickeners well.
  • Kaffir lime. Crucian carp and carp respond well to this component.
  • Elephant garlic. Makes the spray suitable for pike fishing.
  • Squid protein. Effectively attracts perch. Another spray, due to the presence of a similar component in the composition, is an ideal tool for catching catfish and rotan, as well as burbot.

The listed ingredients work without interfering with each other. Together they make up a powerful biting stimulator in all conditions.

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