September 16, 2021
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Fly Bra What is it? Overview

Fly Bra is a model of an invisible bra, the special design of which allows you to correct the shape of the breast, to emphasize the dignity of the figure when wearing open clothes. The product improves the appearance of the décolleté area, gives grace to the female image. The model is designed taking into account the anatomical features of women, fits snugly to the body and at the same time allows the skin to breathe, does not cause excessive sweating. The bra is comfortable to use, designed for a long service life.

How to use?

The product is supplied with the manufacturer's instructions with a detailed indication of the features of the use and care of the bra. The use of the product requires compliance with the following rules:

  • The Fly Bra should be worn on clean, dry skin. Water droplets can interfere with the snug fit and fixation of the cups.
  • The bra is placed on the chest, slightly pressed against the body so that the cups are firmly attached to the bust. In this case, you can correct the shape of the mammary glands.
  • By tightening the special lace, the bra is finally fixed in the desired position.

After making sure that the bra is firmly attached, you can put on and wear tops, dresses with a large neckline. The term of use of the bra is not limited in time and depends on the careful care of the product.

How does the drug work?

With the help of tight-fitting cups, lace ties, you can adjust the shape of the bust - raise, lower, move the mammary glands. In this case, the linen will not be noticeable, protruding from under the clothes. The bra maintains the position of the chest during movement, physical activity. With the Fly Bra model, you can wear dresses with large cutouts that emphasize the dignity of open shoulders, back and neckline. All this will help create an elegant image, give a woman self-confidence.

What does the drug consist of?

High quality, environmentally friendly fabrics and materials are used in the production of the product. They do not cause allergies, do not chafe the skin, and increase wearing comfort.
Unlike conventional models, the Fly Bra has no buckles and a back that wraps around the body. The bra consists of two cups, in the manufacture of which soft materials are used, pleasant to the touch. The inner surface of the part is covered with a layer of hypoallergenic silicone, which ensures a snug fit of the bra to the mammary glands, preventing it from shifting during movement. The cups are equipped with small holes that allow air to reach the skin. This prevents the chest area from sweating even in hot weather.
All fabrics and materials of the product are available for hygienic processing. At the same time, throughout the entire period of use, the bra does not lose functionality, attractiveness of appearance.

Doctor's review

I recommend that women who have small breasts use the Fly Bra. This bra will help lift your breasts. The lacing of the bra makes it possible to perfectly adjust the shape and size of the breast. Thanks to this, a woman can safely wear open dresses and tops. Also, with active physical activity, the bra does not move from the chest. A woman can look beautiful and attractive in any situation.

Indications for use

Fly Bra, an invisible bra, is designed for women with small breasts for maximum attractiveness and volume of breasts. It is also used to give the breasts beauty and lush shape, increasing it by several sizes.


Fly Bra has no contraindications. The main thing is to choose the right size.

Customer Reviews

"I was very worried about whether to buy this bra to make my breasts look even bigger. But I ventured to order it and after receiving it I was very glad that I was not mistaken in my choice. Now I wear it every day everywhere. It's very comfortable. Recommend!"

"I read a lot of reviews before deciding to buy this bra. I have small breasts and it always confused me, brought some discomfort. But after buying the Fly Bra bra, I realized that all my fears and worries were in vain. The product came in excellent quality. Now he has become an important element in my life, without him I do not go anywhere. During morning jogging, the bra fits perfectly on my chest, although at first I was very worried if it would fall. Work colleagues (especially men) have also noticed positive changes in my breasts, but I am not telling anyone about my little secret."

"Since childhood, I have been haunted by complexes about my breasts. I have it very small. I was even ashamed to appear on the street, to go out with friends. I decided that something needs to be changed, because this cannot last forever. And I came across an offer on the Internet to buy a Fly Bra bra. I decided to take a chance, looked at the reviews about it, and decided to order. After receiving my purchase, I wanted to test this bra right away. And I was pleasantly surprised (one might even say, in seventh heaven). I was pleasantly shocked by the result. I didn't recognize my breasts, they got a very beautiful shape, they became very elastic. I immediately went for a walk and on the way I noticed how men glanced at my breasts, which had not happened before. I am very pleased with the purchase of mine. Of course, I recommend it to everyone!"

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