February 28, 2021
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Goji Cream

Goji Cream What is it? Overview

Goji Cream yra geriausiai parduodamas anti-senėjimo produktas. Jei norite atsikratyti raukšlių ir senėjimo požymių be chirurginių ir kosmetinių intervencijų, kurių pasekmės gali būti nepageidaujamos ir nemalonios, tada šis unikalus produktas yra skirtas jums. Kremas yra visiškai saugus, nereikalauja medicininio išsilavinimo, lengvai toleruojamas kūno ir suteikia tik teigiamą rezultatą.

How to use?

For the fastest action Goji Cream, it must be used strictly according to the manufacturer's recommendations:

  1. Before use, you need to cleanse the skin well with your usual means and apply a toner;
  2. Squeeze out the required (small) amount of cream from the tube;
  3. Apply the anti-aging agent with gentle, light, circular movements from the center of the face to the periphery, making a gentle face massage, especially gently on the area around the eyes;
  4. Do not rinse!
  5. Use once a day for 3 weeks;

How does the drug work?

Goji Cream penetrates deep into the skin, fills in wrinkles, cleanses the tissues, which has a positive effect on the complexion. Also, tocopherol and vitamin C brighten and prevent, the main signs of aging are age spots, and some negates. Tightens the contours of the face, makes the skin firm and youthful.

What does the drug consist of?

The product is made according to all quality standards, does not cause: itching, redness, allergic reaction, does not have synthetic materials, everything is only organic and natural. Also includes:
Tocopherol - protects the skin from harmful environmental influences, prevents sagging and loss of elasticity
Amino acids - normalize the amount of moisture, create a lipid barrier, give elasticity
Betaine - prevents the appearance of wrinkles, improves skin quality
Ascorbic acid - increases the amount of collagen production, removes signs of aging, lightens age spots
Together, all these components give an unsurpassed and long-lasting result for the quality and condition of the skin, without punctures, and a scalpel. Indispensable for the care of age layers of the skin. The product is incredibly easy to use, because it is made in the form of a cream.

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