September 26, 2021
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IonicWhite What is it? Overview

IonicWhite is a powerful tool in the fight for white and shiny teeth. This innovative product will give you a charming smile at home, without going to the dentist. A quick and easy way to get a bright smile does not take much time, and the result will surprise you doubly.
It is worth noting that dental diseases are not very noticeable at an early stage, especially if the teeth, to put it mildly, do not shine whiteness. There are certain signs that should certainly alert: yellowness, cracks or chips on the enamel, even bad breath indicates dental problems. Unfortunately, this drug will not heal your teeth and will not replace full planning, however, it will be easier for a dentist to see changes on your teeth on clean teeth.

How to use?

The gels must be mixed in a light tray and fixed securely on the teeth. Then the device must be turned on for 20 minutes. It is enough to repeat this procedure for three days in a row.
To consolidate the effect, you must use both sprays within two months and only once a week.

How does the drug work?

this product contains silver ions, which no one has used until now and, unlike other whitening products, gives a result in just three days;
the treatment is absolutely harmless, since the device does not generate heat;
LED light is cold and does not harm either the oral cavity or the body as a whole, on the contrary, it kills bacteria, which are the sources of emerging problems on the teeth;
Moreover, this method can also be applied to sensitive gums.
Having passed just one course of whitening, the teeth become whiter by several shades and after passing the obligatory fixing stage, the effect will last for a whole year.

What does the drug consist of?

The set includes two types of gel, three tubes each, a whitening gel and an activator gel.
If nature has not rewarded you with a beautiful and snow-white smile, then this is certainly your salvation!

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