September 22, 2021
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Light Night What is it? Overview

Light Night is a slimming product based on a new and unique formula. It does not belong to the category of dietary supplements, but acts as a staple food during the period of weight loss. For those who cannot fully monitor their diet, the drug compensates for all the elements necessary for a normal human life, and helps to get rid of excess weight.

How to use?

At the first stage, take the product for breakfast and afternoon tea for seven days. The second stage consists of four days for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you have an allergic reaction to the active ingredients of the drug or digestive problems, consult your doctor and dietitian. Maybe they will make you a unique offer for the purchase of this product.

How does the drug work?

Thanks to its unique formula, Light Night has a complex effect on the body. It cleanses the digestive system of unwanted toxins, normalizes and stimulates metabolic processes, and also helps to quickly lose excess weight. Its active ingredients make you feel fuller for a long time and naturally reduce your food intake. However, with regular physical activity in the gym, the process of losing weight is significantly accelerated.

What does the drug consist of?

The product contains vitamins, minerals and proteins necessary for good nutrition. All ingredients in the product have a natural base and do not have a negative effect on the human body. Their plant base has a beneficial effect on the microflora of the digestive system and helps to normalize its main functions. These are such plants:

  • Cocoa is a storehouse of nutrients that satisfy hunger and give energy;
  • Goji berries are a natural antioxidant that contains a number of vitamins and trace elements that saturate the body;
  • Chia seeds - help speed up metabolic processes and give a feeling of fullness;
  • Lingzhi mushroom - contains useful enzymes, amino acids, alkaloids and glycosides;
  • Green coffee: delivers energy and efficiency.

The absence of side effects allows people of any age to take this remedy.

Doctor's review

The components included in the Light Night Spray are of natural origin, so they do not harm the body. Valerian root helps to fall asleep faster, a person does not suffer from bouts of hunger at night. Magnesium normalizes sleep by helping the body convert fats and carbohydrates into energy. A person ceases to experience stress, as happens during diets, as a result of which, extra pounds leave the body faster, while active biological additives improve the lipolysis process.

Indications for use

Spray Light Night is suitable for those who want to quickly get rid of excess weight without resorting to strict diets and without harming the body. Indications for the use of the drug are:
  • overweight,
  • uncontrolled appetite;
  • puffiness;
  • depressive conditions that affect the amount of food consumed;
  • trouble sleeping;
  • stressful situations;
  • slow metabolism;
  • weakened immunity;
  • loss of strength.


  • Children under 12 years old.
  • Intolerance to the components included in the composition.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Customer Reviews

"Excess weight appeared in school days. After the birth of the child, the mark on the scales exceeded 100 kg. There was no time and desire to go in for sports, I also did not work on diets. The spray was advised to me by a close friend who lost 15 kg in a month. I was bribed by the fact that the composition of the product is natural and there is no need to worry that its reception will negatively affect the state of health. I take the spray without getting out of bed, after the first time I noticed that I fell asleep easily, although usually the night is the most difficult time for me, as I constantly think about food. A couple of days after taking it, I saw positive changes, the weight began to decrease. In two months I lost 20 kg, while not dieting. I began to miss half of the usual portions, my appetite decreased by itself."

"Until the age of 30, I did not have any special problems with weight, but after 30 I began to notice that everything I ate literally sticks to my hips and stomach. I tried to study in the gym, but a small child and work are not allowed to combine. About three months ago I saw an advertisement for Light Night and decided to order it. After a month of use, I want to share my joy: - 7 kg! My husband began to look at me with different eyes, men give compliments, I cant even believe that this is possible.At the same time, I noticed that I became calmer, I was not annoyed by trifles and after sleep I felt rested."

"I take this remedy when I need to lose a few extra pounds for an important event, in just two weeks on a scale of -5-7 kg. It is not addictive, it helps to calm down and sleep better."

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