September 25, 2021
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Lovense Ambi What is it? Overview

Lovense Ambi is a comfortable and compact vibro bullet that guarantees pleasure both in solo play and when paired with a partner. The developers have created a new, unique design that allows the device to be securely fixed in any position. Now the pose of horsewoman, dog-style and missionary and others will not be a problem – Lovense Ambi will be held in the right place, allowing you to feel the whole gamut of unforgettable sensations. Thanks to the comfortable handle, you can easily change positions, and the special shape of the base will stimulate the desired erogenous zones.

How to use?

It is recommended to rinse the product with clean water before direct use. You will need to install a special application on your smartphone (detailed setup instructions are given in the Manual that the manufacturer placed in the package with the device). After successful installation, you need to connect Lovense Ambi to your mobile device via Bluetooth. With the help of a convenient application, you can control the product at a long or short distance, control patterns and vibration intensity, set a special music mode or sound activation.

How does the drug work?

Most vibro bullets are displaced from erogenous areas at the most crucial moment, which deprives most of the desired pleasure and causes considerable inconvenience. Lovense Ambi has solved this problem by developing a unique design for their device. Now there is no need to fear that something will go wrong in the process of sexual play. Compact and handy Lovense Ambi fits comfortably in the hand thanks to the comfortable handle and special shape allowing for wide or point impact.
Thanks to the convenient application, you can adjust the intensity of vibrations, choosing exactly those through which you can achieve maximum pleasure.The toy is perfect for both individual use and for sex games with a partner.

What does the drug consist of?

Only environmentally friendly and healthy materials were used in the creation of Lovense Ambi. The product is covered with a special protection against splashes and ingress of IPX7, which makes it easy and effective to wash it in water. The device is equipped with a powerful battery, which, given its small size, is able to provide continuous operation for 1.5-2 hours. For added convenience, Lovense Ambi can be charged using a USB docking station and a stable connection is provided by a Bluetooth chip embedded in the sex toy.

Customer Reviews

"I live alone, I don't often meet with men. I tried different Faloimmitators, but this time I decided to try something else. I know the company well, I have almost all the toys from it. I was always satisfied with the quality. As well as this time. Nice design, acceptable size. I play on my own, but sometimes I can try with men when they come on a date. I do not see anything reprehensible in joy. The power is sufficient, I reach the peak with its help very quickly, not all other toys are capable of this. So I write an extremely positive review. I wish you good sales and the same high-quality and reliable products in the future."

"A good thing, the charge is enough for just one or two times. For us, at least. I bought it for us with my beloved for a change, and she has now become an obligatory thing for us in bed. Set up voice control and go. We tried different rhythms, they all bring different pleasure. We do not dwell on one thing, we try and try. We can only thank and advise couples, take it, cool thing."

"It works perfectly, there are no complaints at all. It is easy to clean, it is comfortable in the hands during the process. It is pleasant to the touch, does not cause painful sensations, as well as does not rub the skin. I couldn't find anything bad. Only positive emotions, joy and pleasure after it. Thank you, now you can't do without her."

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