September 26, 2021
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Lovense Ferri What is it? Overview

Lovense Ferri is a small but useful piece that should be in the collection of every sexually relaxed woman. The toy is very simple and easy to use. Gives not only vivid orgasms, but also unforgettable emotions. Almost everyone who has tried it once introduces the toy into regular use. The device is useful not only for solo, but also for pair games.

How to use?

The miniature device can be easily attached to the panties and is comfortable to wear. He will become a faithful assistant in the following situations:

  • Alone with myself. Need a quality orgasm urgently? With Lovense Ferri you dont have to strain;
  • On a walk. The device is interactively controlled. The sound is quiet and the feel is comfortable. Being between your legs in a public place with him is an unforgettable sex adventure. The toy is controlled directly from the smartphone, so no one will suspect anything. Unless, of course, it gives out facial expressions and sweet moans;
  • In the matrimonial bedroom. Why not use this miracle of technology with a partner? With such a prelude, the lady will definitely be ready for penetration. And sex with this thing on the clitoris will be much more orgasmic.

How does the drug work?

The toy looks very stylish and modern. You can carry it with you in your purse, after putting it in a special storage bag. The product of fuchsia color has a small size and weight, streamlined anatomical shape. The uninitiated will never understand that there is a sex toy in front of him if he accidentally finds it.
There are several vibration modes, ranging from mild to very intense. In addition, many more interesting functions await the user in a special application: an alarm clock, connecting a partner to interactive control, vibrations to the beat of music.
The device is fixed to the underwear using a strong magnet, a replacement for which is included in the kit.
The connection takes place via Bluetooth in the 360 ​​° C zone. Through the application, a partner can control from anywhere in the world. Lovense Ferri will help to save a relationship during a long separation.

What does the drug consist of?

The body is made of safe hypoallergenic material. The surface is smooth, slightly velvety and pleasant to the touch.

Customer Reviews

"Take it unambiguously, you won’t go wrong. It is not so expensive, but you will experience so much pleasure! The material is pleasant to the touch, but I still try not to wear it for a long time so as not to rub it. I have enough charging time for the evening if I turn it on alternately. The settings are simple, even a child can figure it out."

"It's a shame to say, but nowhere without her. I liked it so much that I feel like some kind of sexomaniac. I carry it in my purse with a charger. Sometimes I allow myself to relax at work during a break. The toilet is quite comfortable, I will lock myself in a booth and enjoy. Stress relieves awesomely simple."

"Small, handy, comfortable. It works stably, the connection always keeps. Personally, I had no complaints. I can fully advise young ladies, I bought it for fun, but I use it more and more often. Thank you very much to the seller, the product is wonderful."

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