September 26, 2021
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Lovense Hush

Lovense Hush What is it? Overview

Lovense Hush is an anal shy sex toy. This device also has vibrator functions. Among its positive qualities, it is strongly distinguished by the power of vibrations and the duration of this effect (1.5-2 hours of non-stop work at max). This is achieved by the improved design of the vibration motor, which is not used anywhere else.

How to use?

Fullness, synchronization with a smartphone, tablet computer via the Internet is characterized by the inclusion of a vibrator in voice mode. Subsequent work with him according to the specified settings of the owner. Which can reprogram any of the vibration modes, add your own. Before use, it is recommended to lubricate the parts of the body that will have contact with the device, the vibrator itself - with a lubricant. Special for this model to avoid drying of the surface and deterioration of the silicone over time. Store after cleaning and washing with soap and warm water in a dry place without tactile contacts with the device that could damage it. Before putting it in a storage box, you need to dry it, disconnect all wires from it, and dry the connectors.

How does the drug work?

The vibrator is activated by voice dialing. After passing the synchronization mode and the corresponding settings with the owners gadget. Further, in the installed software, select the use mode, possibly standard or manually created. The transition between modes and modes of operation is also carried out by commands in the application.

What does the drug consist of?

The design of the plug includes a 100% silicone coating, which is reflected in the special safety in operation and gentle contact with the working parts of the body. Also on the vibrator neck there is a spiral of unusual purpose. Retaining lubricant over the surface area of ​​the instrument, even when removed. The neck and stem are designed in a way that increases safety in use by eliminating the effect of accidental fallout.
It is made with a durable battery inside a waterproof case. Has support for full Bluetooth control and is rechargeable via a USB cable that connects to any power source. The range of wireless control in a standing sitting position is around 360 *, and when using Internet synchronization with the owners gadget, there are no restrictions on the area of ​​use.

Customer Reviews

"In the vibrating butt plug, I like the capacitive rechargeable battery that guarantees 3 hours of continuous operation. Therefore, at the end of a hard day at work, nothing prevents me from relaxing a little and indulging myself in indecent behavior. All the same, the husband is on a long voyage."

"Every time my husband returns from work, I want to surprise him with something special in an intimate sense. Therefore, not so long ago I bought Lovense Hush. Now he is able to independently control my pleasure and use it as a prelude when he is in a traffic jam. Our married life was finally able to acquire new bright colors, and we are proud of this. High-quality material eliminates the consequences after use."

"I got Lovense Hush for my birthday. Until that time, I did not even know that such devices existed. But now not a day goes by that I do not use a high-quality vibrating butt plug. Really cool stuff."

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