Lovense Nora What Is It? Overview

Lovense Nora

Lovense Nora What Is It? Overview

The Lovense Nora is an innovative bunny vibrator with Bluetooh support. Manufacturers have made sure that their customers receive maximum pleasure and experience all shades of pleasure. A special rotating head will stimulate the G-spot at the speed required. The special shape of the trunk will allow you to massage the desired areas during penetration. And the vibrating foot will work exactly at the pace that is required for better stimulation of erogenous zones (you can choose any of 7 levels, from low to earthquake).

How To Use?

The manufacturer, together with the device, has placed an instruction in the box, which describes step by step the process of installing a special application on a mobile device. After installing the application, you need to connect your smartphone with Lovense Nora via Bluetooth. It is also possible to connect the device via the Internet. Using the application, you can set the desired level of vibration of the foot and the speed of rotation of the head.
Before and after direct use, it is recommended to rinse the device with clean warm water. If necessary, you can combine the use of Lovense Nora with your favorite lubricants for a better and more comfortable penetration.

How Does The Drug Work?

Lovense Nora will be a great toy for both playing in pairs and in solo pastime. Rabbit will gently but confidently affect the most sensitive parts of the body in the exact rhythm that is required.
Innovative technologies allow the device to quickly connect to a mobile device and work from a distance, making joint games even more piquant. Thanks to the convenient application, you can set the required power level right during the process, and the reinforced battery will give you up to 4 hours of joy.
Lovense Nora is a comfortable, quiet but very strong vibrator that will become an indispensable toy in the bedroom.


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What Does The Drug Consist Of?

The device is made entirely of materials safe for human health (ABS plastic and high quality silicone). It is not afraid of moisture, as it has an IPX6 degree of protection against water and dust. The built-in battery can hold a charge for up to 4 hours of continuous use at maximum level and up to 5 days of standby time. The Bluetooth chip allows you to maintain an uninterrupted connection with your mobile device both near and at a distance. The motor that vibrates the device is as quiet as possible in comparison with analogues.

Brief information
Name Lovense Nora
Official site www.Lovense
Price 39$
Reviews Positive
Delivery speed 3-9 days
Composition Natural

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Customer Reviews

The unique Lovense Nora vibrator is distinguished by its ease of use and the ability to control a partner's pleasure remotely. To fully enjoy the process, the manufacturer has equipped the device with a capacitive battery. To charge, you need to use a standard charger that is suitable for smartphones.
Lovense Nora, as it seemed to me at first glance, is a classic version of the rabbit vibrator. However, within a few seconds after switching on, the first positive results become noticeable. The main thing is to choose the most optimal mode for yourself in order to provide maximum comfort while simultaneously receiving euphoria.
I recently gave my girlfriend Lovense Nora as a funny thing, but I didn't even think that she would offer me to use it during sex. To my surprise, it became quite interesting, and most importantly, it allowed me to get incredible emotions, and for each of us. Therefore, I advise you to test the opening prospects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does delivery take?

Delivery may take from 3 to 9 days

Where can I find the official website?

In the article, we have provided a link to the official website.

Are any negative reviews?

We did not find any real negative reviews

Can I buy it in pharmacy?

You can't buy it in pharmacies, it is available only on the official website