September 16, 2021
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Moleculica What is it? Overview

Moleculica is an innovation that guarantees facial rejuvenation. The complex includes a mask, day and night cream. Each unit of the product contains organic components, with the help of which you can quickly and safely get rid of age-related skin changes. The products have passed the necessary research, and the benefits of their use have been proven at the official level.

How to use?

Packaging with Moleculica products is accompanied by instructions that set out the rules for completing the course. Use the day cream in the morning, the night cream before going to bed, in both cases the consistency does not need to be washed off. Apply the mask at least 2 times a week, keep it on the skin for no more than 15 minutes. Apply each of the listed products to the cleansed epithelium of the face. The duration of the course does not exceed 1 month.

How does the drug work?

The innovative product Moleculica saturates the deep layers of the epithelium with useful substances, gradually improving the appearance and tone of the skin. Evens out pronounced wrinkles and fine lines. Frees the skin of the face from harmful components such as pesticides, radionuclides and other compounds. Whitens areas of the epithelium with pigment spots. Eliminates dry skin, normalizes the blood supply to the face, which has a positive effect on its shade.

What does the drug consist of?

The Moleculica rejuvenating kit contains only natural substances. These include a peptide complex, retinol, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and shea butter. The listed components do the following:

  • Increase the production of collagen and elastin - they make the skin elastic, prevent the re-weakening of its tone.
  • Retain natural moisture in the skin, prevent tissue dryness and the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Provide tissue access to oxygen.
  • Deeply moisturize and nourish the epithelium, making it firm and elastic.
  • Evens out pronounced wrinkles and small “creases”.

Experienced cosmetologists approve the possibility of using Moleculica, since this product surpasses its analogues in all criteria. The complex is designed to eliminate existing wrinkles and age-related skin changes, as well as to prevent their development. The effect achieved by completing the course persists even after its completion. The product does not cause addiction, withdrawal syndrome, tissue intoxication and other complications.

Doctor's review

Throughout the creation of the entire Moleculica product line, the desired molecule is separated from the ingredients so that it is biologically active and easily absorbed by the skin. Research has shown that this method increases the collagen content, which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin, by 4 times compared to conventional anti-aging products. Everyone needs care - cosmetic surgeries like Botox cannot compensate for its absence. Moleculica works equally well for mature and youthful skin. The cream acts as a protective barrier against aggressive environmental influences without causing skin addiction. Moleculica creates a supply of essential elements and oxygenates the skin. Due to this, a quick renewal occurs, which prevents the skin from losing moisture. To get rid of the signs of aging, follow these simple tips until you get the results you want.

Indications for use

Moleculica cream is intended for sensitive skin care. It is used to improve skin condition and improve it.


Moleculica cream has no contraindications, is non-addictive and minimizes adverse reactions.

Customer Reviews

"Molecular cosmetics was a discovery for me. I have sensitive skin, prone to dryness in the cold season and oily skin in the warm season. The entire Moleculica product line suits me perfectly, which makes me very happy. It used to be very difficult for me to find the right cosmetics. After six months of application, the face became noticeably younger, and I began to look amazing, like a Hollywood star))"

"For twelve years I went to expensive cosmetic procedures, but they did not bring any effect. Having tried the Moleculica day cream, a week later I saw the result. Every day the face was tightened, the skin became elastic. So I decided to buy myself a night cream and mask. After a month, no traces of wrinkles remained on the forehead. These products are definitely cheaper and better than any cosmetologist. Now all cosmetologists offer botox. It's so great that I found a decent alternative."

"I always looked younger than my age, although I didn't really use anything. But as soon as I turned 40, I began to age quickly. It was very difficult for me to look at myself in the mirror. I started buying various cosmetics. But it didn't help me much. My daughter ordered Moleculica for me. And this one cream did the impossible. It not only stopped aging, but also relieved my skin from dryness and wrinkles. Now everyone says my skin is glowing and looking rejuvenated. I recommend it to everyone, regardless of age."

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