September 26, 2021
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Motion Mat What is it? Overview

The Motion Mat is a unique acupuncture massage mat that will help your body heal. At first glance, it is no different from other ordinary rugs. It is necessary to pay attention to functionality and versatility. This movement mat is unmatched.
The mat has a pointed surface that can relax, regenerate and rejuvenate your body. The needles on the mat affect the area of ​​your choice: the muscles relax, the swelling disappears.
Acupuncture has always been considered an excellent health promotion procedure. Thanks to acupuncture massage, the blood supply to the whole body is improved.
Using the Motin Mat relieves anxiety and discomfort in the body. And you will be one step closer to a healthy lifestyle.
A movement mat is a versatile way to relieve any muscle and musculoskeletal pain.

How to use?

There are several options for using the Motion Mat. It all starts with placing the object on the floor. You can just lie on it for about 5 seconds and then stand up. Repeat the steps at least 20 times.
Suitable for massage of legs and feet. It is enough to stand on the rug.

How does the drug work?

There are many benefits to you with the Motion Mat. For example, you can get rid of pain in the lower back or spine, improve the work of the back and respiratory system. There is an improvement in blood circulation, elimination of all kinds of pain. Neck spasms, clamps and cellulite will also go away.

What does the drug consist of?

In the production of the rug, high quality and hypoallergenic materials were used. They have been pre-screened and tested.

  • Organic linen. This component has gained popularity due to its wide range of benefits: it reduces inflammation, prevents heart disease.
  • Coconut fiber. It is obtained from the outer shell of a coconut. The material is hard, strong and durable.
  • Highly durable environmental plastic.
  • Neodymium magnets. This magnet is considered the most powerful permanent rare earth magnet.

Doctor's review

Everyone needs a Motion Mat. Firstly, it is useful to even just lie down for 30 minutes on a flat surface, because we often sleep on uncomfortable mattresses or sofas, sit on bad chairs and walk crookedly. Secondly, stimulation of nerve endings relieves pain and oxygenates the cells. With regular use, the mat eliminates problems with the musculoskeletal system and repairs damaged tissues. Training with the Motion Mat relieves fatigue, prevents stress, relieves pain, energizes and tonifies. The Motion Mat has a healing and regenerating effect. Thanks to it, blood circulation improves, spasms are relieved, tense muscles relax. It can help you get rid of lower back or neck pain. Motion Mat perfectly calms the nervous system, normalizes sleep and improves mood. Regular use will significantly improve the functioning of the respiratory system, relieve various muscle clamps, and also help fight cellulite.

Indications for use

The Motion Mat is designed to massage the desired areas of the body.


Motion Mat has no adverse reactions or contraindications.

Customer Reviews

"A few months ago, my daughter gave me an acupuncture mat when I first mentioned osteochondrosis, neck and back pain. To be honest, I doubted its effectiveness, but I accepted the gift. On the same day I used the rug and at first the pains were very strong. After about 15-20 minutes, a pleasant warmth spread through my body, the muscles of my back and neck relaxed. The pain in the neck and left shoulder blade slowly subsided and at some point disappeared. When I consulted with a neurologist, I learned that I could lie on this rug for up to 7 o'clock. It gave me energy. Osteochondrosis is gone, my neck hardly hurts."

"A friend gave me the Motion Mat. I had it in the upper back. Then I began to relax on the rug. I did not feel the effect right away, although the pain subsided a little, but then returned again. Gradually, the pain began to decrease, the main thing is to lie regularly on the rug."

"For several years now I have been suffering from back pain. Massage and special exercises did not help. But recently I got a Motion Mat and I'm very happy about it. Just a few minutes a day and the pain was gone. I completely forgot about the unpleasant symptoms after 2 weeks. I use the rug regularly, I recommend it to everyone!"

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