April 18, 2021
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Neocard What is it? Overview

Neocard is a truly versatile treatment for cardiovascular problems. The drug helps to restore pressure almost instantly, improve the condition of worn out vessels.
For those who suffer from cardiovascular pathologies, Neocard will help. The tool effectively relieves a person of age-related problems in this area of ​​the body. The food supplement improves blood, restores blood pressure.

How to use?

Neocard drops are recommended to be consumed constantly for the prevention of many diseases provoked by the malfunctioning of the heart muscle. The tool helps prevent the destruction of the myocardium caused by age-related changes.
To obtain a therapeutic effect, it is necessary to carry 5-10 drops of the substance in a glass of water. Drinking the mixture is required twice a day.

How does the drug work?

The phyto-complex provides an extremely mild effect, does not provoke allergies. The restoration of pressure is accompanied by a simultaneous decrease in the load that appears on all internal organs. At the same time taking the drug guarantees:

  • getting rid of frequent headaches;
  • elimination of palpitations;
  • protection of blood vessels, their elasticity;
  • capillary restoration for quality heart nutrition;
  • reducing the risk of developing a stroke or heart attack;
  • high-quality nutrition of the body with all vital vitamins and microelements, which significantly strengthens the immune system.

It is always necessary to remember that the Neokard composition we sell to us is absolutely free of any toxic components and chemical compounds.

What does the drug consist of?

The biogenic concentrate contains the following medicinal plants as ingredients:

  • Chokeberry, which contains an organic compound that can remove toxins and dissolve blood clots.
  • The extract also contains vitamins A, E, P and group B. All of them regulate organic processes in the blood.
  • The presence of minerals is essential to ensure proper contraction of the heart muscle.
  • Hawthorn. It contains plant polyphenols that accelerate oxidative processes to suppress free radicals. The plant's phenolic compounds purify the blood.
  • Passionflower. The substance helps the liver to filter the blood. It strengthens all important systems of the body: nervous, endocrine and immune, which prevents the risk of sudden surges in pressure.

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