September 24, 2021
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NuviaGo What is it? Overview

NuviaGo is a protein bar that is balanced in composition and contains useful substances. It supports the health of the athlete and the average person. Thanks to him, you can not give up sweets – the bar will help you find the figure of your dreams. The product has a delicate texture and delicious biscuit and cream flavor.

How to use?

There are no hard and fast rules or restrictions on how to take NuviaGo Bar. You can eat it for breakfast and it will give you energy for the whole day. This is a great option for a morning meal when there is no time before work or workout. In such a situation, you can eat a bar and it will replace a full breakfast.
It can also be consumed during the day before training. It will give strength and satisfy hunger. After a workout, the bar will help close the carbohydrate window and promote weight loss. You no longer need to experience hunger and fatigue.
NuviaGo can be eaten during a diet, using it as a dessert. It will help make up for the lack of sweets and withstand food restrictions. When traveling, he will become the best assistant at a time when restaurants and cafes are not available.

How does the drug work?

NuviaGo is a protein bar that suits everyone. For athletes, it will help build the necessary muscles and make the figure more prominent. Dietary fiber is contained in the composition in order to create a toned figure, providing a competent set of muscle mass. The bar is able to burn fat, not muscle, and the right ingredients help in this.
After consuming the bar, a person gets the right portion of protein for health, energy and a beautiful figure.
An adequate supply of protein is extremely important, especially for those involved in sports. Protein helps in muscle building and post-workout recovery. It is the NuviaGo bar that provides a healthy dose of protein.

What does the drug consist of?

The NuviaGo bar contains a large amount of protein (20 g), which is necessary for maintaining a great shape. The substance improves metabolism and makes a person hardy and strong. Protein is accompanied by other valuable ingredients that humans need. The composition contains fats that fill the body with energy, dietary fiber to aid digestion, almond milk and salt. The bar contains a small amount of sugar for taste. The weight of one bar is 55 g. Energy value is 172 kcal.

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