September 24, 2021
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Potencialex What is it? Overview

Potencialex is a dietary supplement for men that allows you to cope with a variety of problems of the reproductive system, including lack of erection. For any man, potency is of the utmost importance; he is ready to fight it by absolutely any means. There are a huge number of drugs on the market that promise to help with any problem, but only a small part allows you to achieve a truly positive result.

How to use?

Along with the preparations, the package contains detailed instructions. The course of treatment is 30 days. Take 1 capsule on an empty stomach daily. In order to repeat the course, you must wait 14 days after the previous course.

How does the drug work?

Potencialex increases the level of attraction, restores male strength, it works regardless of the physique and lifestyle. Gradually, the sperm become more active, this is very important for couples who cannot have children for this reason.
The drug also has an antibacterial effect on the body and in particular on the reproductive system, relieves inflammation, increases the duration of sexual intercourse, strengthens the immune system, and increases testosterone production. In order to live a full-fledged male life, there is very little left to do, it is enough to start Potencialex course intake, after the first intake you will notice its positive effect for yourself.

What does the drug consist of?

Potencialex does not cause side effects, is not addictive, it is completely herbal. All components are selected in such a way that they not only act in a directional manner, but also mutually reinforce each other. 95% noticed a significant increase in sexual arousal after the first dose. 96% of men, after completing the course of taking the drug, noted that their lives became brighter and more eventful.

  • Fadogia extract improves the quality of sex, enhances attraction;
  • red root restores erection;
  • Butea Superba improves sensitivity during orgasm, enhances libido;
  • saffron seeds boost testosterone production, improve sperm quality and reduce inflammation;
  • Bryony lacinionza increases sensitivity during penetration, maintains an erection and improves activity during intercourse;
  • arginine normalizes the emotional background, improves tone, has a positive effect on the central nervous system, strengthens the immune system.

Doctor's review

“The drug Potencialex stands out favorably against the background of analogues - it is easy to use, has a natural composition, and quickly provides a positive result. The tool not only restores libido, but also fixes the effect at the achieved level. Therefore, after completing the course of therapy, a man may notice that his potency is still full. I recommend not to interrupt the course and complete it. "

Indications for use

Potencialex is prescribed to restore male potency if it is weakened due to hormonal instability, prostatitis, congestion in the pelvic cavity. The drug was created specifically for home treatment. The product is intended for use by men who are planning to stabilize their intimate life. The use of capsules in old age is allowed. Potencialex is also prescribed when the use of pharmacy potency stimulants is contraindicated or did not lead to a positive result.


Potencialex should not be used if a man has a prostate adenoma or a malignant tumor process. The potency stimulant is not used in the development of bleeding of unexplained etiology. Capsules are not recommended for use in case of intolerance to the components that are part of the potency stimulator.

Customer Reviews

"“After prostatitis, problems began in the intimate sphere. That erection does not occur at the right time, but a strange feeling of fatigue disturbs. I went to the doctor, he prescribed Potencialex and I took the course. After the first capsule, the situation changed dramatically. Not a trace of the old lethargy remained. Now everything is fine in bed, I admit that without the capsules I could not have done it. ""

"“The Potencialex facility interested in the composition. This is the first time I've seen a libido stimulant without the typical chemistry. I drank the course and once again made sure that the drug can be of high quality only if it is completely natural. Only good impressions were left from the use of the products - the sensitivity in the groin increased, the erection became better ”."

"“I was looking for the right stimulant variant for a long time and finally I found Potencialex. It is exactly what I need - simple, effective, safe. I took this drug for a month, but was able to evaluate the effectiveness of the products after the first capsule. The pleasant sensations have become even brighter, the partner is delighted with the effect of this remedy. ""

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