September 24, 2021
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Power Wavy What is it? Overview

Power Wavy is a type of sportswear designed to prevent excess body fat from building up in the human body. The set includes only two things: shorts and a belt. These components can be worn separately to have the desired effect on the problem area. The size of the product is universal. The volume can be adjusted with Velcro and durable plastic fasteners.

How to use?

Power Wavy can also be worn by non-athletic people. Neoprene gears are elastic and thin. The belt is not visible under everyday clothing. There is no time limit: you can wear it every day. The above sportswear can be worn by people of different ages and weights.

How does the drug work?

Sports equipment made of neoprene is suitable for everyone who wants to enhance the effect of physical activity. With Power Wavy, you can speed up metabolic processes in the body, remove harmful toxins, remove cellulite deposits, and improve blood circulation.
Power Wavy has no negative impact on human health. Neoprene products do not interfere with the gas exchange process in the body and allow the skin to breathe calmly. The clothes do not restrict movement and are designed for long-term use.
Contraindications to the use of Power Wavy products are deep skin lesions.

What does the drug consist of?

The thin strip is made on the basis of neoprene. This technological fabric is a synthetic material used by famous sports clubs. Neoprene benefits:

  • Hypoallergenic (neoprene does not cause skin redness);
  • Softness (does not rub the skin);
  • Elasticity (neoprene shorts fit any shape, stretch well and return to their original shape);
  • Hygroscopic (the fibers immediately absorb the liquid and prevent the formation of unpleasant odors).

Doctor's review

When losing weight, an integrated approach is important. Diet or exercise alone is not always enough. And these methods have their limitations. This training equipment allows you to quickly achieve the desired effect. It helps to create the effect of a sauna, which not only has a beneficial effect on the breakdown of fats, but also conducts a therapeutic massage, makes the skin elastic and taut. This is a serious problem. Since with a significant decrease in weight, it sags. And the kit helps to avoid this unpleasant effect.

Indications for use

It is used for fast and safe weight loss.


There are no contraindications.

Customer Reviews

"I am an adherent of a sports and active lifestyle. Therefore, I practice in the gym regularly. But I never take too heavy loads, because I don't want to get a pumped figure, I want to remain feminine. Therefore, in my arsenal are women's exercise equipment, small dumbbells, cardio. To achieve this goal faster, I began to use the Power Wavy kit. The result has become much more noticeable. I am losing 2-3 kg per week. At the same time, I do without diets, as I consider them unnecessary in my case. I eat as usual, but avoid the abuse of fried, sweet, baked goods. I love the effect this shape gives."

"I was never obese, but I was not thin either. After the holidays, I am sure to gain a few pounds, which I then have to get rid of. Then active training begins in my life. A friend advised me to use the Power Wavy kit. She said that this way I will get the result faster, and besides, the skin will look much better than without it. I got it. I put it on under my regular uniform. She does not restrain her movements. Doesn't limit me. The friend did not deceive. With the shape, I quickly achieve the result I need, so the body also looks more toned and attractive."

"I have been fighting overweight for a long time. I used different methods and means. There was even a belly belt with a vibration effect. But I didn't like anything. Kilograms as a result of diet and exercise go away, but slowly. So, plus to this, the skin on the stomach begins to hang a little. The body is kind of flabby. I decided to use Power Wavy training equipment. I really liked it. Works better than what I've tried before."

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