September 16, 2021
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Profolan What is it? Overview

Profolan is a nutritional supplement containing the innovative Grow3 formula that successfully stimulates hair growth while maintaining its natural color. The product is intended for men and women struggling with alopecia and hair loss. The effects of Grow3 on hair have been proven in clinical trials.

How to use?

For the full course, you need to take 2 capsules in the morning and in the evening, that is, twice a day. For thin and poorly growing hair, at least 3 weeks of treatment are required. At the initial stage of the alopecia process - from 1 to 3 weeks.

How does the drug work?

Profolan influences many factors to restore normal hair growth. It also has the following effects:

  • strengthens hair roots;
  • provides a natural shade;
  • blocks the production of a hormone that affects early hair loss;
  • nourishes the scalp;
  • speeds up the regeneration processes.

What does the drug consist of?

The unique Grow3 formula in Profolan is completely safe for health, as it is completely based on natural ingredients, and combines horsetail extract, minoxidil, nettle, and cysteine.

  • Cysteine ​​is an amino acid essential for the proper formation of skin cells. Its deficiency negatively affects the growth of not only hair, but also nails. Replenishment of the deficit ensures the start of recovery.
  • Horsetail extract improves the appearance and structure of hair.
  • Nettle nourishes the dermis with vitamins and various microelements. Also, it improves blood flow and enhances the effect on hair roots.
  • Minoxidil stimulates hair growth with a vasodilating effect. Provides hyperpolarization of cell membranes, which increases the growth of the scalp and fills it with oxygen. This makes the hair thicker, stronger, and longer.

Also, to enhance the desired effect, experts advise to maintain a balanced diet with a high content of protein and vitamins, exclude the heat effect on curls, and do a light massage while washing your hair. It is necessary to approach hair treatment in a comprehensive manner, taking care of it every day, and, if possible, excluding stress conditions.

Doctor's review

Most often, the causes of trichological diseases are not mistakes in hair care, but the depletion of the reserves of useful nutrients in the body. Therefore, I consider Profolan the drug of choice in their treatment. The formula of this unique product contains a whole complex of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and plant extracts that activate hair growth, restore their structure and protect them from the negative effects of the external environment. Based on my rich practical experience, I can confidently say that this tool copes with its tasks even in difficult clinical cases, when other drugs and expensive salon procedures are ineffective!

Indications for use

The reasons for starting therapy with Profolan capsules can be:
  • excessive hair loss (alopecia);
  • deep receding hairline;
  • raised hairline;
  • not growing fast enough strands;
  • dry, brittle, thinning, dull hair;
  • split ends;
  • increased activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • seborrhea, dandruff and other diseases of the scalp;
  • early appearance of gray hair.
Prophylactic administration of the drug allows you to reduce the risk of developing trichological diseases by 5-6 times.


Profolan is a completely natural product. It contains only environmentally friendly components that are not capable of causing harm to health. Anyone can take the capsules, regardless of age, gender, severity of trichological problems and general health. Caution should be exercised only by those people who have a history of allergic reactions to herbal extracts and other components of the capsules.

Customer Reviews

"I have been taking these capsules for the sixth week. Hair has changed: it has become thick, strong, beautiful! None of the tools that I have used before have been so effective. I am delighted!"

"With the help of this activator, I was able to quickly grow strands after an unsuccessful haircut. Without him, this process would have lasted several months longer. I recommend this tool to everyone, it really helps!"

"These capsules have replaced several hair care products for me at once. With them, the strands always look great: they become shiny, silky, strong. Treatments are now much less time consuming. Very happy with this supplement!"

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