September 26, 2021
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Prostaline What is it? Overview

Prostaline is a natural preparation that can be used to eliminate acute or chronic prostatitis. The product is made according to the formula compiled by practicing urologists. Therefore, treatment leads to the elimination of the disease and never causes complications. The drug helps to get rid of prostatitis in just 1 treatment course. The product has passed the necessary tests, studied laboratory and clinically, and has proven its positive characteristics. The remedy is designed for home use, which helps to eliminate prostatitis confidentially.

How to use?

The package with Prostaline is supplemented with instructions that describe the rules for completing the course. To eliminate inflammation of the prostate, the agent must be used on schedule, without exceeding the recommended dosage. Primary relief of well-being is observed already on the 1st day of treatment. The total duration of the course does not exceed 1 month.

How does the drug work?

Prostaline stops the bacteria that cause inflammation of the prostate; promotes the regeneration of damaged areas of the organ. Stimulates the gland to produce testosterone, helps restore libido. Normalizes blood circulation in the pelvic cavity, eliminates erection problems. Eliminates pain in the urethra that occurs during urination with prostatitis.

What does the drug consist of?

The drug eliminates prostatitis through a complex effect on the prostate gland. Prostaline does not contain artificial substances, it consists only of natural compounds. The formula contains an extract of Saw Palmetto, Gotu Kola, pidgeum, pumpkin seeds, and nettle extract. They perform the following functions:

  • Eliminate hyperthermia, normalize body temperature.
  • Maintain blood testosterone levels.
  • Eliminate inflammation of the prostate gland.
  • Normalize urine flow.
  • Prevent erectile dysfunction.

Prostaline is one of the few options for quickly and safely eliminating prostatitis. By all criteria, the tool differs from analogues and surpasses them. The products replace over 10 standard pharmaceutical drugs. Therefore, using this remedy, you do not have to use the listed medicines, which allows you to avoid drug intoxication of the body.

Doctor's review

There are no chemical additives in Prostaline, only herbal extracts. With the use of a dietary supplement for a month, a complete recovery can be achieved.

Indications for use

Prostaline is a natural nutritional supplement that combines medicinal herbs and is formulated for the treatment of prostatitis. The use of the drug will help get rid of pain and irritation in the lower back, perineum, after a week the burning sensation will disappear when going to the toilet. The second stage of admission leads to getting rid of inflammation.


Although the product excludes the content of synthetic substances, an individual allergic reaction to individual components is not excluded. About a suborder of cases, it is worth notifying the attending physician and stopping the drug intake. The use of Prostaline is contraindicated during the recovery period after surgery to remove the prostate. You should not start using the product without first consulting a doctor in the presence of chronic diseases of the kidneys, liver, blood vessels and heart.

Customer Reviews

"I met a girl and began to live together. When it came to intimate life, I realized - I can't, the painful sensations in the perineum do not allow me to relax normally. It's good that my woman works as a doctor. Gave me Prostaline capsules. A week passed and the pains stopped. We now have a full family life."

"I love hiking in the mountains. In one of these I got into a snow storm. Overcooled. Painful sensations began when going to the toilet. I got up four times a night. It was very painful to go to the toilet, but I forgot about my intimate life. Relationship problems began. I even had to quit my job because I was physically unable to do it. The doctor delivered a verdict: chronic prostatitis. Prescribed treatment with Prostaline capsules. I drank them for two months. Much better. Now I am slowly returning to normal life."

"For a very long time suffering from pain in the back and scrotum. The doctor sent me for an operation. During the examination, I was prescribed Prostaline. A month was treated with this drug and is now absolutely healthy. Even the operation was not needed."

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