March 1, 2021
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Prostect What is it? Overview

Prostect is an innovative remedy designed to guarantee the elimination of prostatitis. Consists of organic components. Provides therapeutic efficacy even in those clinical cases when other methods of eliminating prostatitis have proved to be useless. The products are released in the form of drops. The remedy acts quickly and relieves painful sensations almost instantly. Suitable for home therapy. Urologists approve of the use of this drug in the treatment of prostatitis. The product has a quality certificate.

How to use?

To be sure to get rid of prostatitis, Prostect must be taken as directed. Add 30 drops of the drug to 200 ml of still water. Stir the concentrate, drink it without dividing it into several parts. Take the product in the morning and evening. The standard duration of therapy is 1 month. The primary improvement in well-being is observed after 1 day of therapy.

How does the drug work?

Prostect suppresses the vital activity of bacteria and viruses that cause inflammation of the prostate. Performs anesthetic effect, disinfects the genitourinary tract. Improves metabolic processes in the body, has an anti-inflammatory function. Prevents involuntary discharge of urine or its stagnation. It normalizes the tone of the bladder, restores potency, prevents infertility.

What does the drug consist of?

The medicinal properties of the drug are due to the biologically active substances included in its structure. Innovative drops from Prostect prostatitis contain an extract of fireweed, wheatgrass, cocklebur, white lamb, juniper. The components listed together perform the following actions:

  • Prevents urine stagnation.
  • They stop the vital activity of pathogenic organisms that circulate in the urogenital organs and stop inflammation of the prostate gland.
  • Detoxify the body.
  • Normalize body temperature.
  • Eliminates burning and pain during urination.
  • Restore potency.

The ingredients of Prostect prostatitis remedy are of natural origin, and are not associated with the chemical industry. Drops are not inferior to the action of expensive pharmaceutical drugs. But, unlike them, they have a gentle anti-inflammatory effect, do not cause addiction to the body and the withdrawal syndrome.

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