May 15, 2021
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Relaton What is it? Overview

Relaton is a modern natural preparation for hearing restoration. Recommended for people who hear worse with age or for other reasons. Relaton works mildly, but very effectively, and helps to get rid of hearing problems even in advanced cases. However, it does not harm health and does not cause side effects. Thanks to the carefully selected formula, the drug is well tolerated and non-addictive.

How to use?

Each package of Relaton contains instructions that include information on how to properly use this product. According to her, one sachet should be diluted in a glass of warm water, mixed thoroughly and drunk. The procedure is carried out half an hour before meals in the morning and in the evening. The drug is compatible with antibiotics and alcoholic beverages. To get a lasting effect of treatment, it is recommended to take Relaton as a course for 30-60 days.

How does the drug work?

Relaton is a drug with a complex effect on the body. First of all, it improves blood circulation and strengthens the walls of blood vessels, due to which congestion disappears, which often lead to hearing impairment. The action of the drug is also aimed at stopping inflammatory processes. Purulent otitis media, adhesive otitis media, mesotympanitis and many other diseases are one of the main causes of hearing impairment. Relaton suppresses foci of inflammation and promotes the regeneration of damaged tissues. Thanks to this, the functions of the eardrum, the Eustachian tube and other elements of the human hearing system are restored.

What does the drug consist of?

You will not see chemicals, hazardous dyes or preservatives in Relaton. It consists entirely of safe and beneficial herbal extracts and extracts:

  • Ginkgo biloba: improves blood circulation in the ear, eliminates pain in the ear canals, fights local tissue edema;
  • Caucasian diosceria: promotes deep cleansing of the ear from wax, and thus prevents the formation of a plug in the ear canals;
  • Japanese sophora: ensures the regeneration of the tympanic membrane tissues, improves blood flow in the ear area, prevents an increase in intracranial pressure.

The composition of the drug also additionally includes a complex of B vitamins. They stabilize metabolic processes, improve blood supply to the brain and the Eustachian tube.

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