May 16, 2021
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Revitaprost What is it? Overview

Revitaprost is the latest generation of drugs for the treatment of the prostate gland or prostate gland. The advantage of a modern drug is the effectiveness of the course of treatment of the disease. in short time.

How to use?

The effectiveness of treatment depends on the frequency of taking the drug. The treatment is based on the ability to accumulate an active substance in the body. Each new portion of the drug continues the recovery process. Therefore, interruption of medication intake is undesirable. This is the peculiarity of the treatment of the prostate with Revitaprost capsules. The way of using the medicine is as follows:

  • Take the capsule 30 minutes before a meal;
  • the course of treatment must be carried out within 3 months without a pass.

Before starting treatment, you need to familiarize yourself with the manufacturers more detailed recommendations.

How does the drug work?

The manufacturers recommendations provide complete information on the effect of the capsules on the body:

  • the active ingredients of the drug bind toxins and remove them from the body;
  • the deficiency of leukocytes in the forgiveness decreases, which causes relief of inflammatory processes;
  • swelling of prostate tissue subsides;
  • blood circulation is restored in all organs of the small pelvis;
  • hormone production returns to normal;
  • muscle tone of the bladder is normalized;
  • in the tissues surrounding the prostate gland, blood microcirculation is normalized;
  • the muscle tone of the urinary bladder increases and in the process of taking the drug is fully restored;
  • false urge to urinate, cramps and burning sensation gradually disappear;
  • against this background, the risk of blood clots is reduced.

The advantage of treatment with Revitaprost is that the principle of complex restoration incorporated in it allows not only to eliminate the disease. The active substances in the capsule work to eliminate the disorders caused by inflammatory processes in the prostate gland.
During treatment with Revitaprost capsules, no side effects were observed. Also, there are no contraindications to its use.
After the full course of treatment, the effect of eliminating prostatitis remains.

What does the drug consist of?

Revitaprost is developed using high quality herbal ingredients: extracts, extracts. Supplementation of vitamins and minerals is necessary to eliminate possible complications caused by the course of the disease. The drug is released in the form of capsules, each of which consists of:

  • active substance prostate extract - 100 mg (in terms of water-soluble peptides - 20 mg);
  • sucrose as an excipient added in the amount of 28.5 mg;
  • lactose monohydrate in one capsule contains 7, 125 mg;
  • Calcium stearate supplement is 2.5 mg:
  • crospovidone supplement is 9.275 mg;
  • the addition of microcrystalline cellulose is about 125.6 mg.

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