February 28, 2021
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Rhino-Correct What is it? Overview

Rhino-Correct is an innovative, safe and healthy device that allows you to change the shape and length of your nose without surgery. The product is a special type of clip. To master it, use it does not require special medical knowledge and skills. The corrector can be used at home for women and men, regardless of age. To correct imperfections in appearance, you will not need to carry out plastic surgery, painful injections, a positive outcome of which even experienced surgeons cannot guarantee.

How to use?

To achieve a lasting effect on changing appearance, you must complete a full course of Rhino-Correct, designed for 3-4 months. The term depends on the initial shape of the nose and the parameters that are planned to be achieved. The clothespin is put on the nose parallel to the back so that the lower part of the device presses the nose tip. At the same time, the clip does not squeeze the nostrils and allows you to breathe freely. The corrector must be worn for 2 hours, the procedure is repeated 3 times a day.

How does the drug work?

Correction is achieved by prolonged pressure on the cartilaginous part. Constant mechanical action allows you to smooth humps, reduce the length and width of the nose, and eliminate the asymmetry of shapes. The clamp also allows you to correct defects resulting from various kinds of injuries. The first signs of a change in appearance appear after 2 weeks of using the clip. Systematic application of Rhino-Correct during the recommended period will allow you to achieve the desired length, shape of the nose, and transform your appearance for the better.

What does the drug consist of?

The device uses transparent plastic with hypoallergenic properties. The material does not cause irritation, inflammation, and is absolutely harmless to humans. Due to this, the corrector has the following characteristics:

  • Long term use.
  • The product is available for hygienic processing. When caring for the device, it is enough to regularly wipe the surface with an antiseptic cloth.
  • No spots, wounds, bruises or other injuries form on the skin after using the clamp.
  • Lightweight at 15 g, small dimensions make it easy to transport, carry clips.

The device is patented, passed the necessary clinical trials and tested in practice. The quality certificate of a medical device confirms the effectiveness of its use, safety for the respiratory system, and the health of the body as a whole.

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