May 15, 2021
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Semaxin What is it? Overview

Semaxin is a drug that relieves problems with potency. Effectively acts in the presence of psychogenic (loss of potency due to stress, nervous exhaustion, anxiety), organic (disruption of the endocrine system) and therapeutic (lost strength due to taking other drugs) problems. The drug can be used by people of any age: efficacy and safety are combined with the absence of a shelf effect.

How to use?

During the day, the drug should be taken three times. Can be eaten after ingestion or on an empty stomach. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids.
The duration of the course is determined individually, depending on the cause of the sexual dysfunction and its type.
Prevention and elimination of minor deterioration occurs with a minimum cycle (40 days).
Problems of a psychogenic nature and hormonal imbalance can be overcome with an effective course of administration (2 months).
The fight against the consequences arising as a result of diseases of the genitourinary system is going on at the maximum pace (2.5 months).

How does the drug work?

Relieves minor disturbances by improving blood circulation in the pelvic organs, eliminates minor congestion and increases libido.
Effective recovery helps to improve the synthesis of antibodies, promotes the production of testosterone and androgens, and completely restores the psychosomatic state.

What does the drug consist of?

  • Shiitake mushroom fruit body (extract). The composition contains zinc and vitamins that have a positive effect on potency, improve the functioning of the prostate gland and reduce the risk of developing adenoma and malignant tumors of the prostate.
  • Ginseng root (extract). Contains essential oils and fats, pectin substances, enzymes, vitamins of group B. This composition contributes to the complex toning of the male body: libido increases, fatigue disappears.
  • Rosehip fruit (extract). It has a beneficial effect on the endocrine system thanks to ascorbic acid and a complex of minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus).

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