September 24, 2021
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SolarGuard Pro What is it? Overview

SolarGuard Pro is a real breakthrough in the security industry. The alarm has reached a new level. With SolarGuard Pro, you have additional security measures. A great option for those looking for a way to lend a property. Now, even if you are out of the house, you will always be aware if someone unwanted invades your territory.
This system is the best you can find on the market today. As soon as someone unwanted appears on the territory of your living space, you will immediately receive an alert from SolarGuard Pro.
If you need additional protection for your home, then this is exactly what you should pay attention to. SolarGuard Pro is the best choice for keeping your home safe.
How many different cases when criminals try to enter the territory of someone elses property while the owners are out of the house. As a result, robbery and theft. From now on, you can be calm about your safety, your family and property.
SolarGuard Pro is a solar powered alarm. You will receive notifications and alerts when movement occurs in the range of the infrared sensor.

How to use?

First you need to decide on the location of the alarm. A great option: at the entrance to the territory of the house.
The system is equipped with battery-powered sensors. They, in turn, are charged from the sun.
The sensor will send a special beep every time someone passes through the infrared sensor.
With an audible signal, you will always be alerted to the presence of unwanted guests.

How does the drug work?

SolarGuard Pro is equipped with PIR, a passive infrared sensor. It is distinguished by its power, which allows you to accurately record movements.
The state-of-the-art sensor guarantees 100 percent accuracy.
Thanks to the infrared sensor, not only motion detection, the presence of strangers does not occur, but also a sound alert is sent. Therefore, you can rest assured that your property will be under reliable protection. All that remains is to purchase and install SolarGuard Pro.

What does the drug consist of?

  • Solar panels. The system operates using built-in solar panels. They dont need to be changed. They are automatically charged by sunlight.
  • Waterproof materials IP65. The system is made of a material that is not afraid of the effects of all weather conditions.
  • Reliable sensor. The system is equipped with high quality motion sensors. They are powerful enough to capture any unwanted movement.
  • Volume up to 190dB. The alarm level can be customized based on personal preference.

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