September 22, 2021
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Solesties What is it? Overview

Solesties are unique magnetic insoles for slimming and preventing further weight gain. They are versatile, ergonomic and fit any foot size. Relieve soreness on the body.

How to use?

First of all, you need to check if the size of the insoles is correct. If they are large, then they need to be trimmed around the edges with scissors to match the size of the leg. The insoles should be placed inside the shoe with the tongues up and pressed firmly. For maximum effect, magnetic soles are recommended to be worn for 30 days.

How does the drug work?

Solesties magnetic insoles speed up your metabolism and help you maintain your desired weight. When used regularly, they stimulate the desired points with massage. The insoles have a powerful effect on nerve endings and activate intensive fat burning through the transmission of special impulses. In addition, the product improves the functioning of internal organs, normalizes metabolism, effectively removes toxins and toxins from the body, improves mood, gives strength and energy. Also, magnetic insoles improve lipid memory and prevent the re-accumulation of fat in the body. Due to the generated magnetic field, microcirculation is improved and tissue regeneration is stimulated. The patient gets rid of inflammatory processes, his pain decreases, swelling goes away, balance and dynamics of movements are normalized. Painful sensations from arthritis and rheumatism no longer bother.

What does the drug consist of?

The insoles are made of natural material, made in a modern design, and their surface is covered with twelve magnets, which have different strength and intensity of massage.

Doctor's review

I recommend to my patients the versatile Solesties insoles to help them fight excess weight.Due to the transmitted impulses, they eliminate fat deposits, cleanse toxins and toxins, relieve pain in the back and legs. Miraculous soles help fight unpleasant symptoms effectively and safely.

Indications for use

The product is intended for those people who dream of losing weight quickly and safely, and also experience painful sensations in the legs, spine and other symptoms: muscle discomfort; rheumatic pains; heart failure; migraine; leg pain; fungal infection; deterioration of blood circulation.


Magnetic insoles are not recommended for use during pregnancy, lactation, with an installed pacemaker and hearing aid.

Customer Reviews

"From a young age I suffered from back pain, did massage, took various medications, consulted with various specialists, but nothing helped. One doctor advised me to purchase Solesties magnetic insoles, which relieve discomfort in the body. I began to wear them, my legs stopped freezing, and soon I felt much more energetic and more cheerful. Gradually, I noticed that my weight was decreasing and it became easier for me to move around. Now my priority is the right food and doing simple gymnastics in the morning. After wearing the insoles, my back pain disappeared and my health improved significantly."

"Before the beach season, I decided to lose a few pounds, and a friend recommended me the Solesties magnetic insoles. I would never have believed that they are capable of helping to become slim, beautiful and healthy, but I decided to confide in a friend. With disbelief, she began to wear magnetic insoles and soon noticed with surprise that she began to gorge on less food, not just what she had before, but for sweets she stopped craving at all. It became interesting to me and I decided to observe my body. On some days, it seemed that fat deposits were literally melting on the body. I was happy and looked forward to seeing myself renewed in the mirror. Soon I got leaner and felt great. In addition, with the help of magnetic insoles, I was able to get rid of the fungal infection that had plagued me for several years."

"My grandfather has a lot of pain in his legs and spine, so he does not feel well during the day and at night. Moans at night and does not allow grandmother to sleep peacefully. I felt sorry for them and I brought my grandfather magnetic insoles. He began to wear them and after a few days told his grandmother that the pain had decreased significantly. Grandfather began to feel cheerfulness, a surge of strength. He could not believe that the insoles helped him reduce pain, but he soon admitted that this was true. Now he can safely move around the village and sleep well at night. The discomfort is gone, the sweating of the legs is gone, the body is cleansed of harmful toxins.Grandma also wanted to try these wonderful insoles and ordered them for herself."

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