September 26, 2021
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SynapseXT What is it? Overview

SynapseXT is a dietary supplement used for hearing problems or tinnitus. According to the manufacturers, these pathologies arise due to neurodegenerative changes in the brain. Accordingly, if you eliminate these changes, you can return to normal hearing and get rid of the intrusive ringing. All natural components of the drug directly affect the brain structure, improving its performance and restoring damaged connections between neurons.

How to use?

The drug is recommended to be taken 1 tablet daily for 2-3 months. The active components that make up the product have an accumulating effect, therefore, depending on the state of the body, the result can be seen both after 10-12 days and after 1 month. Before use, it is recommended to read again the instructions indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging.

How does the drug work?

All of the ingredients in SynapseXT serve only one purpose - to restore brain function. Therefore, first of all, the state of the cardiovascular system is normalized, which is responsible for the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, as well as the removal of harmful decay products from it. The drug gradually restores the lost connections between neurons, because of this, memory improves. SynapseXT stimulates nerve cells to divide, form new ones, and improves metabolism in them. Thanks to this, tinnitus disappears, and hearing is restored over time.

What does the drug consist of?

All components of the supplement are selected in strict accordance and with FDA approval. The ingredients are completely natural, safe for health, no added GMOs, suitable for use by vegans and vegetarians.

  • hawthorn berries - contain a large amount of trace elements aimed at restoring connective tissue, strengthening the immune system, preventing inflammation;
  • vitamins B and C - nourish and stimulate brain activity, improve memory and overall health;
  • green tea - strengthens the walls of blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure, improves oxygen saturation of brain tissue;
  • garlic - has a calming effect on the nervous system, helps to get rid of cellular waste products;
  • hibiscus - gently lowers blood pressure, fights pathogens, removes toxins;
  • juniper berries - stimulate cell regeneration, normalize metabolism in them;
  • magnesium, potassium - strengthen the nervous system, normalize water balance in tissues, improve brain performance.

Doctor's review

“Hearing impairment has a polymorphic origin. Therefore, it is advisable to use a therapeutic agent with a universal type of effect. SynapseXT capsules belong to this option: they have the properties of an antibiotic, antiseptic and analgesic. The complex effect of the drug contributes to the rapid elimination of the main problem causing hearing loss, and entails the restoration of this ability. It is important to complete the full course and not interrupt it with the initial improvement in well-being. "

Indications for use

SynapseXT is prescribed to restore hearing impaired due to age-related changes, traumatic brain injury, inflammation in the internal ear canals. The tool is intended for the treatment of men and women over 18 years of age. SynapseXT can be used to treat elderly and elderly patients. The drug is designed for home use. Capsules are prescribed for monotherapy or as an adjunct to basic prescriptions.


SynapseXT should not be used if there is an allergic reaction to the components. The drug is not prescribed in pediatric practice. Capsules should not be used during pregnancy, since the components of the composition can penetrate the placenta into the child's body. Also, the drug is not used during breastfeeding. If you have a burdened history, you should consult with a specialized specialist before using SynapseXT.

Customer Reviews

"“After a head injury, only hearing did not recover. I decided to fix the situation and bought SynapseXT. Immediately noticed that the feeling of stuffiness in the ears was eliminated. Then he gradually began to hear better, and within a month his hearing was fully restored, as if he had never had any problems with it. ""

"“I was treated for otitis media, eliminated inflammation, and hearing deteriorated. I drank the capsules and now everything is fine. In addition, I did not have to take any medications, my therapy consisted only of taking SynapseXT. It turned out that hearing can be restored, and, moreover, so easily and simply. ""

"“I bought the drug SynapseXT for myself, because after suffering hypothermia, I had hearing problems. My treatment took only 3 weeks. There were no difficulties with the selection of the dosage, the instruction helped. I drank the drug in one course. Now everything is fine with hearing, thanks to the capsules. ""

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