September 26, 2021
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TentigoPower What is it? Overview

TentigoPower is a vitamin and mineral complex that has been specially developed for men. This drug is ranked among the natural stimulants of the formation of the male hormone testosterone.
TentigoPower has a beneficial effect on potency, increasing endurance, immunity and strength of the male partner.
The drug gives energy and restores vitality spent on work. It is irreplaceable for people who go in for sports and lead an active lifestyle.
TentigoPower comes in a plastic bottle containing a series of monthly courses of the vitamin and mineral complex.

How to use?

According to the manufacturers recommendations, TentigoPower should be taken for one month, one tablet a day. To repeat the course, a break is taken for 30 days to achieve the best results.

How does the drug work?

TentigoPower is essential for mens health. 95% said that their sex life improved after taking the drug and that the problems with premature ejaculation were gone.
The drug has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and promotes faster recovery after physical exertion. More importantly, TentigoPower is non-addictive and completely safe.
The beneficial effects last for a long time, as the TentigoPower components build up in the body and continue to work even after the end of the intake.

What does the drug consist of?

The preparation contains only natural ingredients:

  • Vitamin B6 regulates energy metabolism at the cellular level and promotes the production of the male hormone testosterone.
  • Fennel extract removes all harmful substances from the body, helps to normalize blood sugar levels.

Among the mineral supplements, the following components can be distinguished:

  • Zinc is a mineral that has a beneficial effect on the human immune system.
  • Boron - Increases sexual desire and helps build muscle during exercise.
  • Magnesium - has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, enhances the conduction and connection of impulses.

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