May 15, 2021
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Varilux Premium What is it? Overview

Varilux Premium is a cream for varicose veins. Few people think about the danger of the disease at a time when it is still at an early stage of development. It only causes aesthetic discomfort, since the swollen veins look at least ugly. But as the disease progresses, its symptoms worsen, the risk of developing dangerous complications increases and an awareness of the possible consequences comes.
You should not wait for the moment when varicose veins make themselves felt with full force. Therapy must be started urgently, and Varilux Premium cream helps with this.

How to use?

You can use the drug without a doctors prescription. It is suitable both as an independent therapeutic agent and as one of the components of the complex therapy of dangerous vascular pathology. However, first you need to make sure that there is no hypersensitivity of the body to the individual components of the cream. Also, you should not use the medicine if at the current time there are symptoms of dermatological inflammatory diseases, especially of an infectious etiology.
The principle of using the cream is simple:

  1. wash and dry your feet;
  2. squeeze out some cream and rub into the epidermis with circular or light massage movements;
  3. wait until completely absorbed and put on compression (or regular) underwear.

The procedure should be done 1-2 times a day. The minimum period of use of the drug is 30 days.

How does the drug work?

The use of the cream makes it possible to achieve the following results:

  • cure varicose veins even at later stages of development;
  • normalization of blood circulation in the vessels of the legs;
  • strengthening the vascular wall and increasing its elasticity;
  • relieving swelling, pain, fatigue and discomfort in the lower extremities;
  • resorption of small blood clots;
  • prevent the formation of blood clots;
  • prevention of dangerous complications of varicose veins.

With the help of the drug, you can forget about the unpleasant vascular pathology for a long time. This has been proven in practice and in the personal experience of patients.

What does the drug consist of?

There are no synthetic additives in the cream for varicose veins. It is completely natural, and its base is mainly based on plant components. Herbal extracts can effectively eliminate inflammatory processes and prevent the formation of trophic ulcers. And the vitamin complex strengthens the local immunity and helps to recover sooner from the illness.

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