May 16, 2021
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XtraSize What is it? Overview

XtraSize are tablets intended for use as a course. The result of using such a drug is an improvement in male strength and an increase in the penis. XtraSize contains natural ingredients that belong to different categories and have their own effect. For example, tribulus terrestis is a natural aphrodisiac. Licorice root enhances sexual performance.

How to use?

You need to take XtraSize tablets in a course of three months. If the cycle of use of the drug is less or the use is constantly interrupted, then the effect will be disrupted. The tablets should be taken thirty minutes before intercourse.

How does the drug work?

XtraSize has a complex effect on the prostate gland, endocrine system, male hormones. If you take the product without interruption for three months, then during this period the penis will take on the maximum possible size. The exception is genetic predisposition. However, in this case, the drug will only have a beneficial effect.
Results of use:

  • penis enlargement up to several centimeters in three months;
  • normalization of hormonal levels;
  • prevention of prostatic hypertrophy;
  • stimulating the production of growth hormone;
  • normalization of blood circulation (including the pelvic organs);
  • improving concentration;
  • increased libido;
  • significant improvement in erection.

XtraSize has practically no contraindications and is safe for the male body. The course of taking pills will increase endurance in bed and give vitality. Improves not only the quality of intercourse, but the general condition of the body.

What does the drug consist of?

XtraSize contains natural ingredients. This feature makes the drug safe for the body and reduces the likelihood of side symptoms to a minimum. The tool belongs to the category of dietary supplements. A negative reaction of the body is possible only with an individual intolerance to a particular component.
XtraSize contains:

  • poppy root;
  • arginine;
  • tribulus terrestis;
  • licorice root;
  • ginseng;
  • nettle;
  • palmetto.

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