September 26, 2021
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XYZ Smart Collagen What is it? Overview

XYZ Smart Collagen is a collagen cream rich in antioxidants that act as anti-aging agents in the body, and the composition of natural ingredients restores the natural beauty of the skin. The product is formulated with a special formula that, with the help of powerful ingredients, not only refreshes and tightens the contours of the face, but also has healing properties, reducing skin wrinkles and scars.

How to use?

It is recommended to apply the product to clean skin every 10-12 hours, preferably in the morning and evening. Rub the cream in with light movements until completely absorbed, avoiding the area around the eyes. With regular use of this cream, the skin will look 7.5 years younger in just 12 weeks. Plus, it's organic, so it's completely safe to use.

How does the drug work?

The aim of XYZ Smart Collagen is to increase collagen production and stop its natural degradation in the body. This process is important in preventing skin aging. When a product that stimulates collagen growth is used, the body starts producing leukotrienes, which cause the skin to produce more of it. Collagen fills the dermis and over time, the skin will have to remove the excess from the body. The special composition of the product balances the production of elastin and collagen, which gives the skin a fresh and renewed appearance. The product is effective against the main signs of aging:

  • improves skin texture - softens and moisturizes;
  • reduces the number of wrinkles - gives firmness and elasticity;
  • tones and emphasizes the oval of the face.

Plant extracts nourish and moisturize the skin, preventing dryness and flaking.

What does the drug consist of?

The ingredients used in this formula are sourced from the Bulbine frutescens plant native to South Africa. The extracts of this plant contain two compounds that help improve collagen:

  • acetylated polymanosis - increases the production of natural collagen;
  • knifolone - stops the breakdown of collagen already present in the body.

When creating a cream, plant sap is used, which is carefully squeezed out in order to preserve all active components and substances as much as possible.

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